Having a happy home is so dependent on the kind of marriage you have.
In our world today people just want to get married. They just want to start a home and a lot of people have gone ahead to start a home but ended up having a terrible marriage while some others have it going well for them.
Today I want to teach us about the 3 different types of marriage.
1) The Bad Marriage
2) The Good Marriage
3) The Godly Marriage.

This is already obvious, right? The word 'bad' has shown us that this is a kind of marriage nobody should find themselves in.
A bad marriage can ruin your life, it can kill your career, it can end your life. It just has so much evil associated with it. 
The general overseer of this kind of marriage is the devil because he doesn't want you to have a great marriage experience therefore he will either push you into making a wrong choice of a life partner or try to come in between you and your good partner to spoil the good marriage you have.

Today most people mistake a good marriage for a godly marriage.
The basic difference between the two is that you can have a good marriage that is not godly but you can't have a godly marriage that is not good.
(If you say that this marriage is godly but not good then you need to reevaluate the godliness of the couple involved).
A good marriage is for everyone. You know when the bible speaks about God sending rain both to the just and unjust this is another example of it.
Unbelievers, sinners, people who commit idolatry, and whatever kind of person who is not a Christian can have a good marriage.
Marriage has a rule book or a principle that governs it, and once two persons can obey them they will have a good marriage.
If you think it's a lie, take your time and observe you will discover this truth for yourself. There are people out there having a good marriage but have never prayed to God. There are atheists out there enjoying their marriage. So you don't need to be a Christian to have a good marriage.

This is a good marriage on a different level. This is a marriage where Christ is at the center of the home. It is the direct opposite of the bad marriage where the devil is at the peak of affairs.
In this marriage, you have the ability and capability to break chains as a couple and bring healing to other marriages. You must be a committed Christian to experience the blessing of this kind of marriage.
Couples in this kind of marriage carry God. You don't hate, you forgive before the offense comes. You don't operate just one other author's rule book for marriage. You function based on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This kind of marriage is good and it's godly. This is the kind of marriage that every believer out there should be working towards. Here the couple has the fear of God.
Here you don't have to hide from checking your partner's phone because you are confident that they won't do anything to harm you. After all, they love God more than they love you and they have to deal with hurting or disobeying God first before it gets to you, so there is no need to even check the phones in the first place.

This is on another level. Your battles are less in this kind of marriage because you don't just do things, you are led by the Spirit before you act.
A Good Marriage is Good but a Godly marriage is Best.

Aim higher, don't settle for less. You can only have a godly marriage if you start now to prepare yourself for one by becoming godly and living out the fruits of the spirit. 

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