Guarding the Sanctity of Courtship: 10 Commandments for a Fulfilling Journey to Marriage..

The primary reason for courtship is to prepare for marriage for you guys to enjoy each other when eventually see yourself together as married couples. Take notes of the following commandment if you want to enjoy your partner while in courtship.

1) No kissing: Kissing is a process that leads to a result. Anytime you kiss, no matter how brief, something happens; you weaken your resistance towards the other. And Satan can take over from you.

2) No late-night chatting: Unless that is the only time available. If not, avoid it. During the night our organs are shutting down, leaving us without much defense.

3) Avoid steady palling: Every time you are together, it will cause suspicions and a loss of respect by observers. 

4) Avoid passing the night in one room alone: As much as possible, avoid it. Brother better sleep in the toilet. Or just pray throughout. Don't trust your muscles because,  by the time you check them like Samson, they will be long gone. Just have it in mind that she can't resist you, and vice versa. Don't mind the packaging. You are on guard.

5) Avoid sex texting: Sex texting is illegal. It is a criminal operation and must be treated as such. Any kind of text, chat,  or call that arouses sexual urges, must be banned. Limit those name-calling (sugar, honey, butter,  etc.) I thought we all agreed that there's time for everything. Early morning sexy greetings are illegal. Until you are married.
6) Plan meetings with a clear agenda: If you must meet, there must be a reason. If he falls sick and you're the only one in the whole world to go to his room and feed him, REMEMBER Tamar, Absalom's sister. Don't just go because you are feeling him. That is when not to go. Or go with an escort and don't dribble your escort to create illegal space.

7) No partying: Avoid, limit,  or discard partying. A merry heart can be a foolish heart.
8) No Cohabiting: Don't move your stuff into his/her house in the name of school, business trips, etc. Don't leave two or three clothes in his/her room. If you are already in, today, pack out. Give yourself some respect.

9) Avoid quarreling: You can misunderstand each other, which you can't avoid. But you must not shut off communication, waiting for an apology. Keep that method off your list. Keep the lines of communication open all the time while stating your feelings where need be.

10) No lovemaking before marriage: No testing of anything. Why go attempting to steal what will be yours in a couple of months? Any of these commandments you break has a foundational effect. And the effect is TRUST, which is a non-negotiable ingredient for any successful marriage. Trust cannot be manufactured, it cannot be gotten by importation; no amount of counseling can conjure it and it cannot be stolen.

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