10 Reasons Why You Should Be Praying For Your Future Husband Or Wife

You don't hold on until you get hitched before you can begin appealing to God for your mate, you need to begin supplicating now before you meet one another. Prior to meeting each other and getting married, you should be praying for your future spouse for these reasons.

1) Petitioning heaven to release the otherworldly in your life. It is a sincere conversation with your Superb Dad.
2) Petitioning God opens your otherworldly eyes to see what is stowed away from natural eyes. God reveals secrets to you instead of praying.

3) Praying will provide you with clarity and help you choose the right man.
4) Passing judgment on a man by his normal capabilities might be dishonest. A man might look great outwardly yet be a fiend within. How might you tell? No one but petitioning heaven can uncover such a man to you. A man might look effective yet be a complete disappointment. How might you tell? You can only obtain such information through prayer.

5) Petitioning God positions you perfectly located, brilliantly to interface with the ideal man. The Lord will direct you to the location where your man is waiting or searching for you as you pray.

6) The spirit will summon the spirit. Your request will associate with the requests of your future accomplice and unite you both. The lines will fall for you in very pleasant places as a result of prayer. Petitioning heaven brings you into your heavenly legacy.

7) If that man is truly yours, praying will ensure that he stays with you. In the event that he isn't, he will be evacuated out of your life. Prayer shields you from liars, con artists, and deceivers.
8) Petitioning heaven will re-sort out your life. It will bring requests into your work, business, and your relationship. Petitioning heaven brings you into a condition of harmony.

9) It is stupid and perilous to get hitched by a man you have not implored about. Being moved by your feelings without putting the man and relationship before the Lord is risky. Before you start a relationship, ask earnestly about it.

10) The people who trust in the Ruler won't ever be humiliated. Petitioning heaven will eliminate each disgrace from your life. Your life will be adorned with glory by prayer. It will bring you in line with your divine mission.

Prayer will deeply satisfy you and remove all "leanness" from your soul. You will enter your marital destiny through prayer.

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