After teaching on the gift and the fruit last week, Someone asked me how do you find a person that has the fear of God when choosing a life partner.
Wait oh, I will answer you. But first, for asking this question I am more worried about you. Why? So many people are out there looking for the right man or woman. They are looking for ways to know if a person is the one but they lack what it takes to find what they are looking for.

Let me ask you, How do you want to know the right one when you don't know what makes the right one the right one or what the right one looks like? Read it again.
The problem most people have is that they lack the ability or what it takes to be the right one. If you have built yourself up to be the right one for someone else then you will know the right one for you when you meet them. But today we have so many people hoping to find or meet the right one when they do not know who they are.
Let me share something with you. Let's digress a little. 
Follow me.
A remote control only functions when you insert a matching battery type, number, or size into it. There are remote controls that make use of just one single battery, there are those that make use of 2 per. Some make use of finger size and others make use of the semi-finger battery. No matter how you force the remote control it will never make use of or accept a pair of batteries that doesn't match its slot. It will either be oversized or undersized. Let's take for example you were a remote control and you know your battery size or the number of per that can comfortably sit on your battery slot pocket for you to be able to function well, then you will know who to accept or not and you will not accept anything not matching you? 

The other truth about this is that you can only make this decision when you become self-aware of who you are and who will match or won't match.
So back to our fear of God question. Now tell me how you want to know a person who has the fear of God when you don't have the fear of God yourself (the knowledge of who you are in Christ). Christ awareness. You can't know because you are not Christ-aware or even self-aware. If you have the fear of God you will know who has the fear of God by default. This is just it. Very simple. If you know what qualifies you as a person with the fear of God, not just someone who attends church then when you meet someone with that same quality you won't need anybody to point it out to you that this person is not just a churchgoer but has a relationship with God.

So this is why I said I am worried about you because if you can't identify someone that fears God then you technically don't fear God too.
Now how do you know someone who has the fear of God especially when it relates to marriage? Now to answer the question properly about how to know a man or woman who fears God. It's simple. By their fruit, you shall know them.
So what fruit are they producing and how do they relate to the fruit of the spirit?
If you can solve this little mathematics then you have saved yourself some level of headache when you want to choose a life partner.

A little advice.
Stop looking for someone with the fear of God when you don't have the fear of God. This is because you can fall for the fake thing. Have the fear of God, First of all, build your relationship with God first, and then you can start looking for that person who has that same experience of intimacy with God just like you.

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