5 Easiest Ways You Can Be Romantic..

To be romantic is more than just making love with your wife, is more than telling each other "I love you", whether over the phone or face-to-face conversation. The problem of so many Marriages today is the inability of the husband to be romantic with his wife, and this makes the woman start thinking she's the only one who wants to make the Marriage work. 

As a man who wants to make his wife happy all the time, there are so many ways to make a woman feel romantic and happy and as well feel loved by her man.

1) Do laundry with her. Laundry is not permanently or constitutionally ruled that it is a woman's job. Join her to wash those clothes, whether with your hands or with the washing machine, it will make her believe that you are a romantic husband.

2) Cook together with her or you can cook for her. This must not be done every day, but doing it for her or with her is something every woman expects from her man. To make it awesome and lovely, surprise her in the morning with breakfast in bed. Or you can surprise her by cooking her favorite meal for dinner. Make her feel like she's the only woman in the world, that's how to be romantic.

3) Wash those dishes for her or together with her. There is no big deal here believe me. While together in the kitchen, you can show her love by Washing those dirty plates, making the job easy for your darling wife, and telling her through your actions that you are still that romantic man she knew when you guys were in courtship.

4) One of the best ways to be romantic to your wife is to be proud of her both at home and in public. Don't feel ashamed to walk down the street with your wife. Hold her hands or let her put her hand in your arm while you romantically keep yourselves busy with love conversations. It is not a must for you guys to be going to a meeting or going to a date or going to a friend's house before you can hold hands together and walk down the street, no. Just do it for the reason that you want to hold hands together and look each other in the eyes, then smile and say "I love you", to yourselves.

5) Clean the House with her. Join her to do those house chores that are making her feel tired every day or every weekend. The two of you are responsible for making the house look unkept, show her love by joining her to keep the house clean. That few minutes spent with her doing these things is enough to make her feel happy for the whole day.

Let your wife feel loved by being romantic with her. Don't allow her to feel jealous after seeing another man doing these things to his wife. Don't wait for her to ask for it before you can swing into action.

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