Many people, especially men, thought that women are hard to understand especially when it concerns marriage or relationships. For a woman to be soft, loving, obedient, open-minded, submissive, and committed to you in a relationship or marriage, you have to be doing these things for her.

You should know how to press the buttons of her emotional world which will make her to be crazily in love with you.

1) Affection/Intimacy. One of the best ways to make any woman crazily in love with you is by giving her enough intimacy. First, you should understand her love language, and let her feel your affection even when she closes her eyes. Every woman wants to be loved, except someone who is just pretending to love you because of your money, otherwise, she wants to be intimate with you. Give her enough time, and be romantic and affectionate with her.

2) Ladies want their men to be pampering them. She wants you to spoil her like a baby under her mother's care. No matter her age, spoil her with romantic and pet words, pamper her, pet her when she pretends to be angry with you for no just cost. Pamper her like an underage girl, buy her gifts unannounced, and cuddle and pet your woman, she wants it from you.

3) Every woman wants financial support from her man. Don't stop giving her money for cream, makeup, food, upkeep, etc. just because she has a job or because she has a business. The one she is making for herself is not sweet as the one you always give her. Those things she is buying for herself can't be appreciated like the ones you always give her. She may be earning more money than you do, but your financial support to her is sweeter than the one she is doing for herself, it makes her feel loved and cared for by you.

4) Every woman wants a good leader. It is not that she is lost, or she is missing her way to her land of success or land of freedom, or land of liberty, neither is she clueless. She can lead herself, but she wants you to play the role of leadership. From the day she accepted to be your girlfriend, or fiancee or to get married to you as her husband, that is the day she has voluntarily accepted you as her headship and leader. Lead her both physically and spiritually, emotionally and otherwise.

5) Every woman wants a committed man. Don't be a playboy, don't make her think as if you don't have self-control over women. When a woman accepts you as her man, she expects you to be committed to everything that has to do with her. Again she wants your promises and commitment to her to be real. Be there for her, whenever she wants you. From the day you start deviating; that is the day her love for you will start falling apart.

6) She wants you to be open with her. She wants to know all your secrets, your silent move, your secret thoughts, your hidden friends, your relationship with the opposite gender, your salary and how you spend them, your closeness with your neighbor, and the rest of them.

7) She wants your attention without excuses. Your attention will make her glowing and as well be happy. Call her daily, send romantic love messages, play games with her, and allow her to win, even if you can play better than her. Allow her to sit down on your lap, kiss her without announcing it, cross your hand on her shoulder, and tell her you love her because of who she is. Don't allow her to be for your attention; she deserves it. Don't make her feel unwanted or unloved by you.

If you can be doing these things for your woman, automatically, you have won her heart and that's enough for her to be crazily in love with you. Again, when you are constantly doing all these things, submission and loyalty will naturally set in.


  1. I always want to love a woman who can only value love with respect and will not exchange it for any money she will talk and relationship with me.

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