The desire of every man and woman who has attained the age of getting married is to have a successful Marriage, a Marriage where selflessness is ruling the heart of the lovers. A Marriage where you are loved just as you have loved.

Successful Marriage is not rocket science, it doesn't happen in a twinkle of eyes and is not just a dream either. If you are a spinster or bachelor, if you want to enjoy a Successful happy marriage, the secrets are stated below.

1) Get married to someone you will be Proud of, don't get married to someone to manage him or her. Marriage is a lifetime journey; you don't get married to someone you can't be happy to be with. Don't make that mistake, is one of the everlasting mistakes so many people have made in marriage.

2) One secret of Successful Marriage is resolving conflicts, misunderstandings, and misrepresentation of issues without fighting each other and without involving third parties in it. Sincerely apologize when you are wrong. Don't keep records of the wrong things your sweetheart did to you and don't allow ego to control you against your spouse.

3) Get married to someone you can willingly respect and not someone you will be forcing yourself to respect for the sake of peace. If respect is not willingly given, then you are not getting it.

4) Get married to someone who can motivate you to be a committed Christian, a dedicated child of God, a fervent prayer warrior, and not someone who will make you look as if going to church on Sundays and participating in other church activities is a crime. Lack of presence of God in your Marriage is an automatic invitation for the devil to take over, and that's disastrous for you. Your spouse should be your supporter or your motivator in your relationship with God.

5) Another way to Successful Marriage is financial accountability with your spouse. As a man, your money belongs to everyone, the same goes for the woman. Financial accountability will help you guys to always have a good financial plan. This is not an option, is mandatory if you want to have a Successful Marriage.

6) Avoid living a Secret or fake life. Be sincere and Truthful with your spouse. Don't also marry someone who's living a fake life, you will always be under pressure to meet his or her standard. On the other hand, an untruthful lover can put your life in danger, simply because nothing good has ever come out of untruthful words or attitude and also, it can never positively impact your Marriage.

7) Always appreciate your partner. There should be no timetable for this, whether what he did for you is big or small, always appreciate him. Doing this will give him the energy to do more for you. It also gives him the vibe for him to be giving you more attention.

8) Compliment your spouse. Tell her you like her dress, her hairstyle, her beauty, and her stature. Compliment your man as well. Tell him how much you love his six packs, and compliment his move on the bedroom too. These are the backbone of a successful Marriage.

9) Be satisfied and content with your Spouse. Be satisfied with what you have with him or what you are receiving from each other. Avoid the attitude of comparing your man or your woman with your neighbor or with someone else you saw at a party or in a public place. The things you saw in another man's Marriage that are pleasing to you, add to your Marriage, and if it works for you, then you can enjoy it. This is far better than comparing your spouse to someone else or doing exactly like someone else.

10) Learn how to always encourage your spouse. Marriage is full of ups and downs. A challenge can come from your side or the side of your spouse. It could be personal or that of a relative. Encouragement in the face of a storm shows that you are together, inseparable, and indivisible in your marriage. Don't act as if it doesn't concern you, or that you don't have any solution to the challenge, no. Your words of encouragement can make him or her strong while you fight together to win as one.

11) Don't allow mistakes and errors committed by your spouse to replace the love you have for him or her. Always rekindle the flame of love you have for your spouse instead of keeping records of all the wrong things he has done for you. Make your marriage a world where other people will wish to be. Let the single ones around you always pray to have your kind of marriage.

12) Make God the pillar of your marriage. God should be the first person in your marriage, then you and your spouse will be the second person. When God is the pillar of your marriage, all the unforeseen circumstances that may affect your marriage both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually will be defeated simply because God is in charge.

The Bible says in the book of Ecclesiastes 4:9 -12 that two people are better than one person, simply because together they can do things more effectively. If one of them falls, the other can help him or her to get up, but if someone is alone and falls, it is going to be difficult for the person to easily get up because there is no one to help him to stand up. If it is cold, two can sleep together, cuddle together, and stay warm, but how can you keep warm by yourself? It is going to be a hard thing to achieve.

Two people can easily resist an attack that would defeat one person alone. (Whether in marriage or a relationship, you must work together with your spouse as one indivisible body). Remember a rope that is made up of three cords is always hard to break. 

I pray for you dear reader, may God grant you wisdom understanding, and courage to implement these secrets to your marriage and the Grace to enjoy your Marriage with happiness and love, in Jesus' name, amen.


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