Marriage as a union has some things that make it to be enjoyable and awesome. Whether newly married or not, there are things you should always not forget to do with your spouse because your Marriage can't survive without them.

If you neglect these things stated below, the challenges facing your Marriage will be difficult for you to handle.

1) Your hubby wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with you. This is when all the brain muscle has relaxed and is ready for fresh thoughts, therefore this is the best time to discuss family issues with your spouse.

Issues such as the way forward for the family, childbirth family planning, how his job, business, and career, or yours may have been affecting your Marriage and the family in general, and how to better position it for the good of your Marriage. Other things to discuss include; issues that are arising from extended family members, in-laws, parents, etc.

The opinion shared at this time is what will make your marriage a happy one, therefore don't take these discussions for granted.

2) Hot romance. By this time of the night, all the nerves in the body system have relaxed, it's the best time to make love to your sweetheart, he or she has had enough rest after the previous day's activities. Within this time, no rushing for any of you, maybe to avoid going to work late. Take your time to enjoy yourselves.

3) Prayers For the family. There's no best time for prayer but if you can pray by this time of the night, you will get tremendous testimonies. It is believed that midnight is when the kingdom of darkness used to go out for a meeting in their shrine or altar, also that's when they do go out to attack their victims, kill them, manipulate their destiny, or drink their blood.

Arise in the middle of the night and pray for yourself, your spouse, your children, your business, your career, and your family in general. The devil doesn't sleep, don't wait for the devil to attack you before you take action. Remember a closed mouth is a close destiny. Always wake up and pray.

Remember, a happy marriage can not be achieved in one day, it is a process and commitment of two hearts that believe they are inseparable.

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