Marriage is a union of two imperfect people who believe that their imperfections can make them perfect for each other. Great and successful Marriage wasn't built in a day, in a week, or a year and that's why this year you should put the following into consideration for the success of your marriage or relationship in 2021.

1) Work together with your spouse as a team. Even in an organization, teamwork is what makes it successful. Don't do things your way, remember you are 1+1 equals 1 in as much as your Marriage or relationship is concerned. With teamwork, you can easily overcome challenges than when you walk alone.

2) Once you notice any negative changes in the life of your spouse, call his or her attention. For example, lack of communication, no lovemaking, doesn't kiss or hug you anymore and doesn't want to have a romance with you as usual, lovely call his or her attention. Don't wait till things get out of hand before you voice out.

3) Don't listen to any gossip talk Against your spouse and if you must listen to it, don't use it against your spouse until you verify it. From the day you start giving in to gossip your marriage or relationship will start cracking and may even collapse.

4) Say no to any close Relationship or friendship with the opposite gender with this you can easily overcome infidelity in your Marriage. You will agree with me that even as a married man or woman with a wedding ring on your finger, someone is still admiring you. Your self-control is important for the good of your marriage.

5) Avoid saying any negative words about your spouse in the presence of his friends or family members or even to your friends or family members. We all have weak points, don't expose your spouse's weak points to others, it's dangerous. Remember what you present to your people about your spouse is what they will take. Be mindful of this.

6) Say no to secrets. Keeping secrets for your spouse is just like preparing to quit the Marriage, this is simply because you can't keep secrets for your best friend, you can't keep secrets for yourself or for someone you so much love and your spouse is in these categories of person in your life. The secrets will be exposed and that will hurt your Marriage. Be mindful of this.

7) Intimacy or lovemaking is one of the most powerful oils that keep the engine of Marriage or relationship alive and also to be moving smoothly. Don't deny your spouse this thing, to avoid putting him or her into temptation of unfaithfulness, because the body is not firewood.

8) Do your budgets together. You are no longer a bachelor or spinster, so doing your budgets together will make the load lighter for both of you.

9) Make savings a priority. Don't eat away your future. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having a target for yourself till the end of the year. Maybe a target for the house, a car, or a landed property. Save together as a loving couple but don't forget to make it a priority.

This is a new year, make your marriage or relationship heaven on earth, and don't change it to armageddon war.

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