Infidelity is a problem that plagues the relationships of many people. It is more rampant among men, and some even go as far as glamourising their cheating with honey-laced words. Some say that men are polygamous in nature, and nature has given them a license to cheat. But is that really the truth?

No woman wants to be with a cheating partner, because we all know of the psychological and emotional trauma that comes with cheating. It breaks down the psyche of the woman that is being cheated upon. I don't understand the saying about men being polygamous in nature, but what I know is that with the right approach from his woman, a man will find it very hard to cheat on her.

Men are like clay, if you mold them properly they will give you the shape you desire to get out of them. All you need to do is treat your man right, and he will never cheat on you. And even though he was doing so before, he will change. In this article, I have shared 6 secret tips for you to apply if your man is cheating on you. I made this article with women in mind, but I am positive that it can be applied by men too who find it difficult to get their women to be faithful to them.

1) Don't judge him. You don't quench fire by pouring another fire into it. Sometimes people grow worse when you try to judge them. It makes you look like the enemy to them. It makes them feel you want to play God in their life as if you want to control their actions. And because they want to have that sense of freedom, and give themselves the assurance that they are not under anybody's control, they start cheating the more. To them, it is an adventure, a definition of freedom.

Learn to be calm sometimes, and not be judgemental. Let your calmness be his judge. Speak to him in a calm manner, and let him know how his actions are affecting you psychologically. Let him know the risk your relationship with him is facing because of that. Try not to attack him, and trust me, his conscience will be his judge. He will feel the love you have for him in your calmness. He will know you mean well to him. And if he truly loves you, he will stop.

2) Try to understand his triggers. Just like I said before, try to talk to him calmly. But while talking to him, what do you want to talk about? His triggers. Before a partner cheats in a relationship, something must have triggered him to do so. Is it that he's not satisfied with you? Is he doing so because of money? Or is it because of your attitude towards him? Trust me, there is a reason attached to every action. And if you can create that conducive atmosphere for both of you and talk to him in a way that will push him to open up to you, he might squeal to you about what pushed him to cheat on you. And if you can get him to tell you his triggers, then I believe you can handle it from there.

3) Don't attack the girl he's cheating on you with. I know that some girls do this a lot, thinking that by attacking the girl, her man will keep away from the girl and be devoted to them. Well, that's a bad move. Doing so will make your man feel that you want to manipulate his world. There are some men who can even go as far as coming to attack you too for attacking their side chicks, while some may just decide to change tactics and become more secretive.

So when you discover that your man is cheating on you, the person you have to face is your man and not the stranger girl outside. It is your man you have to talk to and not the side chick. It is him that you know, and not any other person. But while talking to him, make him know you know the person he is cheating on, if you have your proofs. Then iron out issues with him. In that way, he will see the maturity in you, and turn a new leaf. You will be amazed at how quickly he might change.

4) Do not cheat on him back. A big mistake that some girls make in their relationships is trying to pay back bad with bad. I have seen some girls who began cheating on their guys simply because they discovered that their guys were cheating on them. And in most of those cases, the results were always ugly.

If you start cheating on your man, just because you found out that he's cheating on you, you will end up destroying the relationship. If he finds out, he will feel that you are in competition with him. And no man wants to be with a woman who is in competition with him. Instead of changing, he will likely break up with you, and you will end up regretting why you did it.

5) Cook his best meals for him. I know this can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you are hurt and angry with him. But this action is one of the highest displays of maturity and love. It's a way of telling him, "Look, I still love you, despite what you've done. And I want you to change."

That works like magic, in most cases. Just like the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is his stomach. He will see that you still love him, even though he has misbehaved, and he will see the need to change to make you happy too, just like you are making him happy.

6) Be yourself. This is the last one on the list. Don't allow his actions to change you from who you were before. Don't allow it to turn you into a bitter person. Be the same person you were previously.

Just like I said before, if you find out that your man is cheating on you, do these 6 things to him. And chances are very high that he will change and learn to love you more.

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner cheated on you? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments section. Also, let us know how you've benefited from this article.

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