Sunday, January 17, 2021


Discovering your way in business, I mean passion is very much more important than doing what is not your passion. There are hundreds of businesses you can do which can earn you a living more than you thought for fraudsters otherwise known as yahoo, yahoo boys.

Below are some of the businesses out of hundreds you can venture into which are capable of making you millions of Naira in 2021.

1) Barbing saloon. This is one of the most profitable businesses you can easily open in your vicinity. One big advantage in this type of business is that both old and young people need the service of a barber, both rich and poor need the service of a barber. All you need is your skills and commitment and dedication which make you the money you want for a better life.

2) Blogging. This is another means of making serious money online. Are you good at creating stories? Are you good at turning ideas into writing with your computer, laptop, or smartphones? This is good news for you. You can be making cool money from a platform such as Opera News Hub every month with your smart phone or laptop as a content creator and if you desire more, you go as far as creating a niche website where you can reach more of your audience and make money from them.

3) Tailoring/Designer. Graphic design. Hair dressing. Selling of baby foods. Selling of beverages. Fruit vendor. Food vendor, which is popularly known as mama put. Selling books and stationaries. Baking items for bakeries and confectionaries.

4) Fish Pond business. This type of business will take you a few months to start making money. You can start a fish pond with as low as 20,000 Naira. First, buy a drum. This is where you will be training your fish. You can get it for 8,000, depending on your location. Buy your fingerlings and their feeds. The effort required from you is to be changing the waters every day. You can start selling after 3 three months.

5) Selling food items. No matter how tough the economy is today or will be tomorrow, both men and women, old and young, poor and rich people will always look for food to eat. Food is an everyday need for human beings. A man can not do without even though a man shall not live by bread alone. There are food items that are consumed by everyone and that is rice, beans, garri, and many other processed foods both local and international that are consumable by all. Venture in these food items and see yourself making thousands of naira on a daily basis.

One good thing about it is that it doesn't have a particular gender that the business is meant for. Both men and women can venture into the business.

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