To avoid regression, or heartbreak be cautious about the following things stated below.
1) Don't be jealous of the wife you love. You will only be teaching her how to harm you. 

2) Do not surrender your dignity to a woman. No matter how deeply you love her, don't do it.
3) Keep away from other men's wives or they will trap you. This is one of the dangerous ways so many men have died. Sleeping with another man's wife is the same as digging your own grave. Some died in a hotel while some were glued to the woman's body. Be mindful of this.
4) Don't keep company with a female musician; she will trick you.

5) Don't look too intently at a woman who hasn't made love before with another man, or you may find yourself forced to pay a bride price. Lusting after a woman for any reason have contributed to the failure of so many Marriage or relationship because there is no love in the beginning but lust.

6) Don't give yourself to a woman just because of what's in between her legs, or you may lose everything you own. She can blackmail you if you refuse to play on her path. Or can frustrate you financially, she never loved you but your money. So don't go looking about in the streets or wandering around in the run-down parts of town because of a woman. 

7) When you see a good-looking woman, look the other side please, and don't let your mind dwell on the beauty of any woman who is not your wife. Many men have been led astray by a woman's beauty. It kindles passion as if it were fire. 

8) Don't sit down to eat with another man's wife or join her for a drink. You may give in to the temptation of her charms and be destroyed by your passion.

9) Don't borrow money just to take care of a woman because you will end up being used and dumped. If she loved you she wouldn't have pressured you to do it.
10) Never make a promise to a woman during lovemaking just because of the pleasure. You may forget it but she can never forget it, more so you may regret the promise too because you did it under pleasure.

11) Don't marry a woman you don't trust her lifestyle around men and don't marry a woman who doesn't trust your lifestyle around women. This will save you from the problem of DNA or domestic violence.
12) Don't deny your wife lovemaking in the form of punishment because she can get it from another man.

13) Don't set up your wife with another man in the name of trying to know if she's a faithful woman or not because she will fail the test, and you will be the one to regret it.
You can enjoy your wife if you can take caution of these things mentioned here.

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