Monday, January 25, 2021


Amazon is one of the biggest online malls on the internet. Apart from buying kitchen utensils, gadgets, and electronics, people also buy books from Amazon.

Publishing an eBook in Amazon is another reasonable way of creating a steady income.
Do you know that is the biggest competitor to Google than any other search engine like Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, or Bing?
More customers try to search for a product on Amazon than on any traditional or international search engine.
In a first, Amazon to hold Prime Day sale in India before US; products from  small businesses in focus - The Financial Express
When people want in-depth information on a certain topic, they don’t search for blog posts on Google but rather attempt to find a highly recognized book about it on Amazon.

Your goal should be to influence the power of’s thriving outreach and vogue to create a stable passive income basis.
This is good For people who have a great understanding of a specific issue or love to do an inquiry on something that can benefit so many people and explain it in an effortlessly understood way.

1) Capacity to deliver comprehensive knowledge on a specific topic(s).
2) Capacity to give tremendous directions for solving people’s crises on a particular given project(s).

Is completely depends on you, the producer of the eBook.
What area of topics do you want to write on? What is the information you want to pass to the public in the ebook?
The design, the cover page, and how many pages it will be.
These will determine how many days it will take you to complete the ebook.
Is the important components that define the time required.

1) Make a good Research. Conduct both online and offline research o the topic you want to write.

Remember you should conduct your research on what will either be a problem solver, life benefits, financial help, or what would impact knowledge to someone's life.
Now that you are done with your research, what would be the benefits of anyone who will buy your book?.

Before you publish on Amazon Kindle, you have to know the best category that your ebook should be published to.
It is the key to a profitable Kindle eBook product.
Study about what people are looking for in the areas related to your eBook's topic.

For instance, if you are creating an eBook on ‘How to Avoid Divorce in Marriage', how many people are looking for this information on the internet and Amazon? What are they expecting to get from your book?
Meeting their desires will give you more cash from Amazon Kindle.

You can easily conduct this inquiry by studying the comments, reviews of customers that have bought similar ebook form Amazon. Are these customers complaining against the ebook? If yes, then endeavor to give something great and different from the existing ebook that customers are complaining about. And if they love the book, give them something unique and tremendous than the already published ebook.

What is the popularity of the existing competitor's ebooks on Amazon?. You can beat them hands down if you can produce a reasonable ebook for the audience.

2) Write to a particular audience. When you know your ideal audience, then you know what they are expecting from any author.
You can avoid boring them with obvious information, and you can provide exactly the information they are looking for.
Something that when purchased, you will get the reference because of the quality of the ebooks, information.

3) Found out how people are requesting for the topic(s) you have chosen to write, you can do this through a website like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and WikiAnswers, wiki how, and the likes.
More questions on a particular topic mean that more people are looking for answers on that topic and that’s great. Write about it provided you have the information they are looking for.

5) Look out for the market holes in your specified area. And see if there are special requests for some topic, see if your eBook can take care of that demand. Once you confirm it can, then go in for it.

6) Visit to see the number of books that are currently selling in your selected area of the topic. Are people paying for those books?
This will your ideas on the level of demand and buying power of the market in your area of interest.

7) Find a few friendly readers give them your ebook draft, let them proofread it for you.
This can't just only make it to be great for your prospective audience but you will have confidence for the errors corrected in the ebook.

Sign up to Kindle Direct Publishing Program, with this you have given exclusive distribution rights for your Kindle eBook to Amazon.

This will enable you to vend your eBook in all the countries where Amazon is available giving it an enormous exposure at the launching stage.

Create a website on a similar topic you have chosen and endorse your eBook through it. The more eBooks you sell the more money you make.

While writing your ebook, please be mindful of grammatical errors. Common unidentified grammatical errors can terminate your reputation and make your book not be recommended by your audience or Amazon itself.

To deal with this, you can download Grammarly Keyboard for Android or make use of their Google Chrome extension on your computer or laptop.
There are other grammar checkers such as Ginger Keyboard,, etc, but Grammarly is the best in the market today. Search for Grammarly in google play store or visit and download it for free.

It has free use and premium which you can pay for if you want to.

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