Almost every girl has a way of doing their things if they like a guy, but the following are some clues you might observe in a girl if she likes you.

1) As guys try to impress a girl if they like her, girls do the same when they have an interest in a guy. The difference is, that the first thing guys do if they like a girl is to show how caring they are. But for girls, one of their first impressions is their physical appearance. If a girl likes you, she will try to look good whenever she comes around or when you visit. Even when a girl is going out on a date, all that she is putting on is just to impress the guy.

2) Her behavior when she is around you: the way she smiles, walks, or talks. Another thing, your normal female friend won't feel shy around you, but a girl who likes you will. And when she has started feeling comfortable around you you will hear stories of all kinds. Stories about her school life, friends, things that happened to her, achievements, and all that. A girl who doesn't like you won't have time for all that.

3) If you study her carefully, you will observe that she gets hurt over reasons you don't even understand. Probably a word a normal friend would see as nothing, a girl who likes you will easily feel bad because the feeling is there.

Finally, a girl who likes you will spend a lot of time with you, physically, or on social media. The only thing I see there that would be hard for her to do, is to tell you how she feels. So if a girl is giving you attention, maybe you should try to find out if she likes you.

1) Test her with nice compliments to see how she reacts.
2) Spend time with her.
3) Send thoughtful, romantic, and loving text messages and call to know how she is doing; and
4) Try to act like her guy, by showing how caring you are, before you know it, her likeness will become obvious.

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