Your man is cheating on you simply because of the way you are showing him, love, if he finds another babe that is giving him what you don't want to give him, he will slide out of your presence for the babe.

The love of a woman is mostly determined by your actions towards her; she will likely cheat on you if you stop those actions.

Below is the list of the things you should be doing to your man if you don't want him or her to cheat on you or play games with you.

1) Hold his hands anytime you are walking down the street. A man who's fond of toasting every lady on the street will not do it because you are holding him down.

2) Try putting your fingers into the middle of his own fingers. Any lady that sees you guys in that mode will know that he's taking.

3) Give him an unexpected Kiss both on the lips and on the forehead. Men love surprise kisses just like ladies do. Don't wait until you see another babe doing it to him before you will take action.

4) Give him a surprise hug and say a romantic word anytime you see him.

5) Give your spouse enough attention. Your attention will make him value you the more and will not give him or her the chance to attend to the opposite gender who is disturbing him or her Relationship.

6) Anytime your boyfriend wants to see you, don't complain to him that you are busy. Try showing up whether in his place or in eateries. If you don't, another babe will be used to replace you next time.

7) Anytime you are with your lover alone in the house, try sitting between her legs. Your Head touching his chest is one of the romantic things you should do for your woman.

8) Always make it a habit to romance or touch his chest anytime you are alone with him. Make his body temperature rise in hunger for your romance; it will make him not have time to think about another babe that's giving him green light.

9) Always tell her you to love her so much even before she says it. Appreciate her beauty, appreciate her dressing, look her in the eyes and tell her she's irresistible and charming. Don't wait until she hears it from another man because it may be disastrous to you.

10) Play with each other like children that have nothing bothering them, like kids that have no job. Play in the bathroom while bathing, play romance in the bedroom, romance is not only when you want to make love to each other, play in the kitchen as well. Call each other names such as; my bosom, my lipstick, my heart holder. Put your love in action and not just in words.

11) Call your spouse without a timetable. Send a love message. It doesn't mean you are monitoring the person. You are just filling in the vacuum in their heart. You can call just to hear her voice or say I love you. Remember in his or her office; someone is admiring the same person you are in love with, if you sleep, she will slip out of your life.

12) Anytime you are talking or joking with each other, never tell him that he's talking nonsense or never tell him to be insulting you. Be matured. Just because you are not mentally mature is enough for him to leave you and fall in love with another babe he believes is matured more than you.

13) Sometimes u don't wait for him to tell you he wants to see you, try telling him always that you are really missing him and you want to see him. This will make him know that you value him and that he's important to you too. No matter how deep you love a man, he's still admiring another babe in your absence but your closeness will not create the chance for another lady to take over your space in his heart.

14) Don't remove her hand anytime she is touching or romancing any part of your body, instead be romancing her back as well. Romance is one of the oils that keep the engine or wheel of a relationship alive. It should be a routine in your Relationship and not an option.

15) Don't be a burden to him financially but a contributor. No man today wants to be with a woman who doesn't do anything but just slay on the internet. If the only thing you can offer him is your body, then just watch him get the same thing from another babe. That means you are not unique as you claim.

16) Don't wait for him to complain that he's financially broke before you can offer help. If you can't help him, he will get help from another babe and he will forget about you.

17) Love him with all your HEART. Remember there are so many ladies out there looking for a man to be with, if you play games with the man in your life, another babe will take care of him on your behalf.

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