As a Girl, don’t panic because you don’t necessarily need to be a bad girl before a guy will like or admire you but you can possess those qualities. As you know, some good girl characters are boring in a relationship and that doesn’t spice things up. You don’t even need to be a bad girl to possess all these bad girl characteristics.

There are some positive traits men desire from ladies in a relationship and here are some of them.

1) Adventurous. No man would love to settle with a boring girlfriend in a relationship. So many girls think the guy has the sole function of driving the relationship and their own is just to be there doing nothing, but nobody wants to be stuck doing the same old boring thing. Men love adventurous women who will a times take them out and try unexpected and fun things instead of those who will want to stay indoors and watch Netflix all through the day on weekends.

2)Confidence. Many women make the mistake of thinking the guy is the only one who should be confident in a relationship but this is a big lie. Men want a woman who knows her weakness and is happy with who she is. They want women who can hold and heads high and stand up to their responsibilities.

3) Naughty. Sure, men are obsessed with intercourse and that is the highest drive in a man, but they want a woman who can try naughty things with them both in the bedroom and in public, instead of a woman who will wait for him to drive everything.

4) Independent. Men always desire women who can stand and take care of themselves. Women, because he responds to all your wishes and gives you whatever you want does not make him comfortable with you. Men love a woman who knows their stand in life and can take care of themselves.

5) Blunt. Men hate it when women play mind games with them. When you are not okay, they want to know exactly what is wrong and not beat around the bush. Girls, always be direct to your guy and stop all the suspense.

6) Seductive. It is generally believed that men should be the ones to initiate the kisses, lovemaking, and other naughty things in a relationship but men will always love a woman who can make this move first. Women, you don’t have to be in control all the time, but once in a while, you can take control and do something good with him so don’t be shy as there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

7) Passion. When you kiss, hug, or spend time with a guy without any passion in it, it is still nice but not memorable. Men want women who are passionate about them. The way you behave with them shows it all. So, the next time you are with him, try feeling his skin and kissing him with passion and see the difference unless you need to find another partner.

Make your man to be glued to you and love you more with these traits mentioned above.

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