Do you desire to enjoy your relationship or Marriage and see your spouse glowing? Applying these secret and best ideas to your relationship or Marriage is something you should do. After some years in marriage or relationship, the love seems to be fading away, the reason is that you are no longer doing the following things stated below with your lover.

For you to start enjoying each other again as it is when you first fell in love with each other, you have to revive your love with the following.

1) Always Compliment your partner. Appreciate his or her efforts, and appreciate his or her beauty and appearance. Is a sign of love from you.

2) Your lover should be your best friend. Best friends keep no secrets from each other, best friends keep no grudges from each other, best friends don't keep enmity from each other.

3) Go on weekly or bimonthly dates with your lover. Dating each other even while married is one of the best ways to revive the love you had always admired in your Marriage or relationship. It must not be expensive but it should not be neglected.

4) Never speak unpleasant words about your spouse in the presence of your friends or family. Always depict a good image of your spouse to your friends and family.

5) Don't flirt with anyone outside your Marriage. No matter the conflicts or disagreements you have with your spouse, don't flirt with anyone outside your Marriage, it will cause harm to your Marriage.

6) Always forgive and forget when your spouse wrongly said anything to you or mistakenly offended you. Avoid bringing up past issues to the present, it means you have not forgiven.

7) Give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Prove to your woman that all men don't live an infidelity lifestyle. Prove to your husband that all women don't cheat.

8) Respect is very important in every relationship. You should always treat your husband or wife with respect. Remember respect is what you give that you will receive simply because you can't expect you are not respecting you. Respect can rekindle a quenched flame of love in your Marriage or relationship.

9) You have to be willing to sacrifice for your Marriage. Sacrifices are what make Marriage or relationships different from others. Be willing to sacrifice for your husband or wife for the sake of your Marriage.

10) Avoid taking your partner for granted. Don't take his or her kind-hearted for a fool. Don't take the commitment of your partner for granted, reciprocate the same and the flame of love in your Marriage or relationship will not quenched.

11) Kissing and hugging your partner should be always done. A kiss in the morning before going to work or to your place of business and when you are back home is very important to your Marriage.

12) Always Listen to your partner. Be a good listener to your wife or husband. As a man, you should know that Women are known for their verbal power, Don't neglect her when she starts telling you a story of what happened in her office or the market, don't avoid her, and be a good listener.

13) Focus on the good qualities of your partner and don't keep records of his or her weak points because nobody is perfect, your partner's imperfections are what makes you perfect.

14) Help your wife with house chores. Men most of the time don't know the value this act of love creates in their marriage and relationship. Helping your wife in doing house chores is one of the best ways to show her that you care and cherish her in your life, Don't ignore this act of love because it contributes to the greatness of your marriage or relationship

15) Avoid saying abusive words to your spouse. Abusive words can destroy the emotional feeling your spouse has for you. Avoid doing this in your marriage.

16) To revive your love for each other, you should always do things together as a couple. Pray together, eat together, bathe together, and go to church and other weekly activities together. It will make your hearts inseparable from each other.

17) Don’t let anger control your emotions towards your spouse. Express yourself peacefully whenever you are not happy about something your spouse did to you. Self-expression is important in every marriage that wants to be prosperous.

18) Pay attention to the small details. You should notice your partner’s new hairstyle, a new dress and things like that.

19) Always say “thank you” whenever your partner helps you out in doing something both at home and in public places. Appreciation gives energy more than a Lucozade boost, appreciate your spouse always.

20) Always send your partner love notes before going out. In that love note, express your love for him or her. Give at least one reason why your spouse is special to you and no one else can be like him or her. This is what keeps the flame of love alive in your marriage or relationship.

Make your union a great one for everyone around you to imitate. Let both married and single people around you wish to be in your kind of marriage.

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