Marriage as a lifetime journey is not something you go into without proper preparation for it. So many Marriages don't have happiness in them today because either one of the couple or the two of them failed to control certain things in their lives before going into Marriage with their spouses.

There are a lot of things you should control in your life before marriage, otherwise, your Marriage will crack or even collapse. Those things are stated below:

1) YOUR ANGER OR TEMPER. If there's one thing that can ruin a beautiful Relationship or Marriage, it's ANGER. If you know when you are angry, you become blinded to reason like Thanos the Titan, you start smashing things like the Hulk, you start shouting and cursing people like Broda Shaggy, and you will need to calm down and work on yourself. Abusive or Violent Partners are usually People who can't control their anger. Work on Yourself today before you kill somebody's child tomorrow in the name of anger.

2) YOUR TONGUE. You most times even used to say it by yourself "My mouth is not good, or that you have an uncontrollable tongue, you are abusive and insulting. Your mouth is not good means that you are not good for marriage yet because you can't control your tongue. So what are you doing about it? Don't just expect him or her to love you like that. 

Your Tongue can scatter your Relationship or Marriage. When you are very insulting, rude, unnecessarily sarcastic, given to sharply rebuking people harshly, Aunt, Uncle, you will spoil something in your marriage.

3) YOUR EGO. One of the worst things that can easily damage, destroy, or ruin any Marriage is Pride. (Lucifer's Sin) Pride will make a Woman stubborn, and rebellious (like it made Lucifer against God), competing with her Man instead of complimenting him.
Pride will make a Man unloving, self-centered, bossy, and difficult to submit to. Some things do not matter, Pride will make you see otherwise and make mountains out of molehills. Run from Pride, it can scatter your Marriage o relationship.

4) YOUR LIBIDO DRIVE. A lack of control of one's libido drive is what will Make a Man impregnate his wife's younger sister and impregnate the house help at the same time (a true life story). A Lack of control of libido drive will make a Man or Woman Promiscuous and Unfaithful even when they are blessed with a loving or godly Partner. Now that you are single? Do you have self-control over your libido? You say you can't be in a Relationship without making love to your sweetheart, what happens when you marry and your Wife travels for a course for a Year? Self-control especially in the aspect of lovemaking goes a long way in making Marriage Work.

Before you think of getting married to that special someone, you should first be in control of these things if you want to have a happy marriage, and if you are already married, you have to control these things too, if you want to enjoy your marriage. Marriage is not armageddon war, so don't go into Marriage with any of these things.

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