For any marriage or relationship to be awesome, great, enjoyable, and also become what you have always desired or dreamt to have, you have to create it by yourself together with the ability and commitment of you and your spouse. Most times we take some things as not important or valid in making our marriage or relationship a good one, the one that will have our taste of friendship with our lover. Neglecting some things out of your marriage or relationship will make you not enjoy the goodness, advantages, and benefits that come with those things, and those things you shouldn't neglect in your marriage or relationship if you want to have the tastes of what you have always desired are;

1) Always engage yourselves with loving conversation. Loving conversations such as appreciating your lover for being part of your happiness, and how he or she has added value to your life. Admiring the beauty and handsomeness of your spouse, how you always enjoy kissing each other, and that you can't do without hugging him or kissing him a day. These are the types of conversations that will keep the flame of love in your marriage or relationship alive.

2) Daily romantic love messages. Love messages are part of communication which makes marriage and relationship always something that you wish will never die. Send love romantic messages to your lover without a timetable. Make it a habit, make it your lifestyle, it has to be part of you. Without it, you can't enjoy its goodness.

3) Engage in frequent lovemaking. Lovemaking is beyond what we physically take it to be. It involves soul and spirit and that is why it creates unimaginable bonds between two lovers who know that it has to be compulsorily part of their marriage or relationship.  Lovemaking shouldn't be with one style or one method because that is what makes it a boring one. Change styles, learn new ideas and methods, read books, and read articles that will teach you how to better please your love in bed.

4) Create time to flirt with your partner. Many marriages collapsed after one or two years because those things that made them admire each other non-stop are no longer there. Just because you guys now have children doesn't mean you should stop flirting with your partner. It doesn't mean you will no longer have time to hang out with each other. 

You shouldn't be giving excuses that you are going to a meeting that is why you will not take your wife out and give him special treatment in one of the best places around. Keep flirting with your partner, that is what will keep the love going and enjoyable.
If you can deal with these things mentioned, you will see positive changes in your marriage or relationship.

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  1. Thanks so much, infact I'm facing this problem and with this I'll be able make my relationship enjoyable

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