Friday, November 13, 2020


Many people always complain about the scarcity of jobs. Jobs around the world are now scarce due to increased population and other factors such a technology advancement. 

Many undergraduate find it hard to search for jobs after successfully attaining their degrees. Many end up being business men and women hence creating employment opportunities in the country. The less fortune who may have no adequate capital to start their own businesses they just keep looking for white color jobs.

Content creation is one of the new job which can earn you good money if you really good content creator. Have you ever heard of opera hub? This is a new platform which helps content creator to write and earn good money directly to their bank account. The money is calculated according to number of clicks your article gets. One valid click is equivalent to 5 seconds of one reader reading through your article. 1000 clicks can make you good money. In one good article you may get almost 50000 clicks which is good money too. Per day you may be allowed to create more than 5 article and also given a chance to share your article with friends via different social platforms.

The opera hub portal is user friendly since you just need to create an account, file the required details and link the your accounts to bank account. You are ready to start creating content.

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