It's important to note that too much of everything is bad, it has negative effects and most times it can lead to what you never expected especially when it gets out of control. Below are the Reasons Why People With A Loving And Caring Heart Usually Experience Heartbreak In Relationships.

1) One of the reasons is because they are too loving and don't know when he is losing his value and self-worth. These types of people care and love too much even without being mindful and in the end, they will feel disappointed. So, to be on the safer side, you should always apply wisdom, it is very important to apply it in everything we do and also guide your emotions, don't allow your emotions to lead you otherwise you will heat the rock.

2)These types of people don't pretend when doing anything with people. Naturally, they are good at heart, and always sincere with everyone they are dealing with, the sincerity is then taken for granted which is very unfair.

3) In any Relationship you see yourself, don't allow yourself to be used or taken for granted or played with. It has to be 50/50 and not the other way around. The relationship will be toxic for you if you are the only one who is giving everything or almost everything. The sacrifice shouldn't be made by you alone, he or she needs to be involved, fully involved. This will save you from being cheated or being used and dumped.

4) The meekness of those who are caring and loving is always replaced with weakness, their humbleness is taken for stupidity simply because have a soft heart and always forgive easily. This set of people believes that every other person thinks and behaves like them and expects you to be like them. 

5) These set of people get too involved in the relationship with all their heart. Most times, they are assumed to be too good to be good, and too forward too, not knowing that it can be unavoidably suffocating to their partners. It's painful.

6) These set of people do more with their hearts than they are committed in the relationship or marriage with their minds, it is important to understand that when you are in a relationship or marriage, you should love with 60% of your brain & 40% of your heart. With this, if you are eventually treated badly by your lover, your heart will not crash into pieces that you may be thinking of committing suicide.

7) Another one on the list is that they love and care for any kind of people that comes their way, even someone that pretends to be good but has the heart of a monster, she believes she can make the person be good, she believes everything with the whole of her heart and almost everybody even when she is hurt. Sometimes she will even feel sorry for what she did not do. All these contribute to the reason why she usually gets disappointed.

Sometimes it's a case of falling in love with the wrong person, all your efforts to make things work out for good and be loved back just seem to irrelevant for the person to whom you are showing the love. For example: A good girl falls in love with the wrong man who is an expert in playing with a girl's heart as if it's a toil, carrying women up and down, getting pregnant, and refusing to take the responsibility or a good guy who fell in love with the wrong woman, someone who toils with his heart, who tells him lies in the position of truth, cheat on him with his best friend and still call him names and then dump him.

But then, that shouldn't cut your spirits, your beliefs, and your vibe for being a good caring, and loving person, we have so much love to offer to the world than to be pulled down just because of failed relationships or Marriage. No matter how broken you may have been, how disappointed or neglected you may have experienced, or how many times your Relationship or Marriage has failed in the past, you don't have to stop loving or stop showing love just because of this ugly experience you have had in the past, let us keep loving because ''Love is always the greatest''

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