Sunday, September 3, 2023


Some rules guide every institution and for the fact that Marriage is an institution, some rules are guiding it as well. Some things can hinder you from enjoying your husband or wife and that's why you should avoid doing them. Below are those things you should avoid if you want to enjoy your husband or your wife.

1) Don't keep silent for a long time against your spouse whenever you are offended without expressing your anger. Don't make the mistake of keeping it for a special day so you can number them for your spouse. The more you keep that anger in your heart, the more the love you have for your spouse is reducing and that will negatively affect your marriage.

2) Don't imitate someone's Marriage, what works for Mr. A may not work for you and what works for you may not work for Mr. A or Mr. B. Avoid imitating someone's else Marriage.

3) Avoid getting angry very easily or overreacting towards your spouse. It will create the impression in the heart of your spouse that you are losing interest in the Marriage for one reason or the other that's best known to you. Avoid this mistake.

4) Don't put your spouse under pressure for any reason. When someone is overwhelmed, he or she can easily get angry, most times this has led to domestic violence. Always make sure that there is mutual understanding between you and your spouse.

5) Don't share your marital or personal issues with outsiders. There is no Marriage without challenge, be committed and settle your marital crisis with your lover.

6) Don't listen to an outsider more than your spouse. You know what is hurting you, seek dialogue with your lover instead of listening to another person.

7) Don't make the mistake of not impressing your husband by dressing nicely at home or in a bedroom, not only when you are going out for an event. Always look attractive.

8) Don't allow your dreams to die because of marriage, please make use of your talents and your skills. Get a job, make money or you can start a business. Don't make the mistake of idleness so your spouse will not see you as a burden to him or her.

9) Avoid comparing your husband with other men in the street. All fingers are not equal. Every man can never be the same even outside Marriage. The comparison is capable of destroying your marriage. Avoid it.

10) Don't allow your house help to be serving your husband his food whether in your presence or your absence. Avoid that mistake before your house help will take your position in your husband's heart.

11) Avoid dragging leadership and headship with your husband, you are his help met, a helper can't be a leader. Avoid trying to control him, it will cause a crisis in your marriage.

12) Avoid monitoring your spouse whether he or she is cheating on you or not. If you suspect something of that nature, call his or her attention, and discuss it. Monitoring will lead to abuse or accuses and that may lead to domestic violence.

13) Avoid being the kind of woman who doesn't see something good in her husband. Avoid Complaints, avoid nagging, and save your marriage.

14) Don't allow social life to determine your happiness in your marriage. Attend parties but with caution. Attend church activities and meetings but with caution.

15) Don't buy things you don't need just because the seller is giving some discount on them. You will end up spending unnecessarily because you don't do it.

16) Avoid keeping secrets to yourself then keep pretending that all is fine when it's not. Open up to your spouse, what you hear about your spouse may not be true so open up, it will also make you free from the trauma.

17) Avoid thinking of ending your marriage. Divorce shouldn't be on your list. Work on your marriage, it can be fixed.

18) Avoid saying negative words about your spouse in the presence of your parents, friends, and children. Avoid this mistake because the way you present your spouse to them is how they will take him or her.

If you can deal with these things, you will enjoy your marriage to the fullest.

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