List Of Things You Can Do To Please Your Partner.

It is not difficult to please a woman, the major thing you need is understanding 

and your communication with her will be very sweet. The major things that can help you to please any woman are stated in this article.

1)  Women like men who give their attention to their spiritual life and the moral upbringing of their children. She wants you to be around her all the time, even if you you are physically distance from her but she can get in touch with you whenever she wants, that's her desire as someone that's truly in love with her.

2) Your woman so much wishes that you could spoil her occasionally by taking her out and giving her special treatment in any of the hottest spots in town.

3) You woman wants you to always carry her along whenever you are making important decisions concerning the family, she wants you to recognize her thoughts.

4) Your woman wants you to always affirm your love and commitment to her, appreciate her love for you, and give her a surprise kiss and an unannounced hug from the back.

5) She wants you to be more dedicated to your relationship with God, pray without ceasing, pray for and the children.

6) Women don't appreciate it when you compare her with another woman. It makes her think you don't love her, you don't respect her, you don't appreciate her love and care for you

7) She wants you to be a patient husband, a man who understands her weakness, a man who will not beat her up for just a little mistake she made.

8) Your woman likes it when she sees you playing with the children, helping them do their homework, disciplining them whenever they do something wrong, and finally guiding them to a godly lifestyle.

9) Your woman wants you to always appreciate the food she cooks for you, no matter how tasteless it may be for you, appreciate her care for the home and everything she is doing

 10) Every woman wants a husband who is also her companion and not just a husband.

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