Dear singles and Married, 90% of the Challenges we face in marriage are because many people nowadays want to get married to a successful person, instead of getting married to someone faithful. The best Marriage you should dream of being in is a Marriage with a faithful and successful person. But a faithful Partner is far better than a successful person when it comes to marriage.

Many people are having issues with submission and Marriage. As married Couples, submit to each other, It should not be one-sided. You are in the Marriage to be submissive to your partner in all areas of it. The word "Weaker Vessel" as stated in the Bible about women doesn't imply or mean inferiority, it means delicateness! 

As a man, treat your woman with care, show her much love and affection, and then give her all the respect she requires from you as her man. This is why the Bible commands that the husband should love his wife just as Christ loves the church and submits Himself to it (Church). The love Christ has for the church took Him His life, so you see the submissiveness there. (Like I said in the beginning, the submission is for both the husband and the wife although the wife plays a major role in submitting to her husband). Please stop treating your wife as if she's nobody or someone who doesn't have any value or meaning in your life.

Any woman who cannot SUBMIT to a man's AUTHORITY shouldn't think of getting MARRIED. Marriage is a PLACE OF SUBMISSION. Also, a man who's not ready to love his wife with all his heart, with no cheating, and no domestic abuse should not think of marriage. Marriage is a place of love and care. God gave one keyword to each of you as a couple. To the man - LOVE. Not just take her to the eatery and other things like that as it is always seen at the earlier part of the journey when you are in courtship or a relationship knowing each other. No! Love is stated in 1 Corinthians 13.

To the woman - SUBMIT. The one slavery comes in is when the man fails to love or for a naturally arrogant and inconsiderate woman who thinks that she can be the head of the family and start controlling her husband, by then The man will start using muscle on you and also start deciding whether it favored you or not he doesn't care. There can never be smoke without fire.

The Bible states clearly that men should love their wives and the wives should respect their husbands, not only respect but be submissive as well. The husband is the head of the family and nothing can change it while the wife supports the husband as his help met. Help can't be a leader or someone who decides how to be helped. As a woman, you are always under the authority of your husband. Anything contrary to this becomes unacceptable.

A man who can't listen or hear his wife out in anything that happens at home, always giving orders, his words are final, or a man who can't care for his loving wife unconditionally should not dream of marriage. This type of man makes Marriage unbearable and makes Marriage look like a dead affair.

Apart from submission, other things make Marriage awesome and if not added into your marriage, it can make your marriage tasteless.

It's no other thing than Commitment, it goes hand in hand with submission in marriage. The dream of the great Marriage you have in your heart can not come to reality if you are not committed to making it happen. Give your best, your finances, your time, and your loyalty. Be committed to spending time with your lover, be committed to being truthful, do away with secrets and lies, be committed to being loyal at all times, and also don't forget to always be supportive financially when needed. Remember Marriage is an institution, you can't run an institution without money.

Another thing that makes Marriage to be enjoyable is intimacy. There should not be a timetable for romance, look attractive for your partner, make every day a memorable one with love messages, unannounced kisses, and hugs, sweet words of appreciation for your lover, and sweet names too, tell each other why you are always happy for being together as a couple. Form the habit of eating and bathing together whenever the both of you are at home, that romance in the bathroom is always special and it's a one-of-a-kind. 

Marriage is one of the best and most beautiful unions God gave mankind, You are to enjoy it in full, but that's only if you are willing to be submissive and committed to making it work for you and your spouse.

If you are a fan of a great Marriage, please share and let other people be enlightened about marriage through this article, thank you.

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