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Many are willing to start a fish pond business but are afraid of the huge amount of money they think could be involved in starting the business, because of lack of ideas or the actual amount It will cost on How to start up the business. This is why I made this Particular article to guide people on how to start up a fish pond business with as low as 15 thousand Naira.

Coming to Agriculture these days, Fish pond is one of the agribusiness that yields a lot of money and will continue to the highest. Even a lot of Graduates are into agriculture and they have not bordered again about working in a big office under any supervision, some Civil Servants are also into agribusiness because of how lucrative it is.

For Instance if you start a Fish Pond before 5 to 6 months you are true with a set and restart again with another set of fish.

I started this fish bond business last year during my Youth Service, with just 15 thousand Naira and now I'm making good Cash in it. But it makes me feel bad when I tell people to start a business and they turn down the idea. I don't know why people are scared of Fish rearing business, maybe they think before one starts a Fish pond you must build a pond for it, meanwhile there are other ways you can start it.

Now use these guides on how to start up the fish pond business from scratch.

1) As a beginner you need to buy a plastic drum of about 200 litres, this drum doesn't cost more than 4 thousand Naira in most of our Nigerian Markets. After buying the drum, keep it where the sun will not heat it much and fill it with water to at least up to 180 litres, don't make it to be very full because when the fish starts growing, it will help them to be jumping out of the drum, i mean if you fill up the drums.

2) Go to the market where they sell small catfish, (fingerling) you will normally find this place in places where they are selling small chicks for poultry business too.

Then try to buy at least 20 or 30 small fish for a start. It is sold for 20 naira per one. That means 30 small fish will cost 600 Naira making it 4600 you have spent so far.

3) Put all the 30 fish you have bought in that drum of water and make sure it is kept out of the Sun. Then buy fish feed, when buying it, tell them it is for small fish, because the size is usually small and always buy the feeds in a bag to limit the cost of buying it in kilograms. A bag may cost less than 5 thousand naira, depending on your location.

4) Make sure you change the fish water in the drum every five days, because if you don't change it after five days the water will change colour and it will affect the fish. Some of the fish will even start losing strength and probably may lead to their death.

5) Make sure you feed the fish everyday at least three times daily to avoid them eating themselves because when they grow, sometimes if they don't see food, they will start fighting and killing themselves for good. The big ones will start swallowing the small ones and by so doing, you are losing because you will not make profit from anyone swallowed by the big ones.

6) The bag of fish food you bought from the beginning is different from the type they will eat when they grow up. So when you notice that they have increased in size, you will go back to the market and buy another type of bag and this fish food type is called 6 mm. The seed is big in size.

7) At least in 4 months or 5 months time, the fish in the pond will be ready for sale in the market. Each one will cost more than 750 to 800 naira per one. Most importantly, sell according to the price so you can make more money.

Imagine when you sell all your 30 fish, you will make cool cash. Then you start up another set with 150 fish. At the end you will make more money because in this second set of Fish rearing, you won't buy drums again, except you want to buy another drum to increase the number of fish you want to rear. When your fish pond increases to 300 fish and above at a set, you can invite hotels, big restaurants to your pond and they will buy from you. This is how millionaires are doing Their own fish pond

So you can start this business with a small amount of money, don't wait until you have a pump of water or a borehole in your compound or when you build a pond, just with these things listed above, you are good to go.

These businesses in Agriculture have made many people a millionaire, even many millionaires are now investing in Agribusiness.

Join them and make money for yourself too.

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