1) Wedding is just a day but marriage is a lifetime. 

2) A single man who is single will still be stingy while in marriage.

3) Silence can never be misquoted.

4) If you want what no one has had in their marriage before, then you must do what no one has done in their marriage before.

5) When God wants to bless you, He puts a person in your life. When Satan wants to destroy you, he puts a person in your life. So be careful with the type of person you want to get married to.

6) It is better to be single and alone than to be married to the wrong person, then start wishing you were not married.

7) Avoid a coventious woman, if you want to have a good and great Marriage experience.

8) The 3 men to avoid are:

a. A hot-tempered man.

b. A womanizer.

c. A drunkard.

9) Marrying a comedian does not guarantee a happy marriage.

10) Never be yoked to anyone who will not be yoked to God. It is impossible for you to be happy without God being involved in your life.

11) The 3 words that echo peace in a marriage are:

a. I love you. 

b. I am sorry. 

c. Thank you.

12. Don't waste your time meditating or dwelling on your singleness.

13) Cohabitation is a recipe for marital failure. Don't cohabitate with him because he promised you Marriage.

14) Deal with anti-marriage dreams, be positive in everything you are thinking about marriage.

15) Avoid Secrets in your marriage, it can destroy it like God destroys the wall of Jericho.

16) Marriage without friendship is like a sky without the sun. You must be friends with each other not just a Married couple.

17) If you rush into marriage, you will end up with someone who will bury your destiny.

18) A successful marriage is always a triangle with God at the peak, and a man and a woman at the sides.

19) Be mindful of the type of friends you involve in your marriage, a bad friend is capable of destroying your marriage in a day.

20) Much happiness in life depends on your marital choice. If you doubt, ask those who are divorced, they can tell you better.

21) A man needs divine wisdom from God in choosing who to marry. This will save you from the tears of a bad Marriage.

22) Do not place your priority on good looks; no woman is ugly, she just needs rebranding.

23) The 3 major characteristics to look for in a woman's life before getting married to her are:

a. Fear of God.

b. Wisdom. 

c. Discretion (beauty is vanity because it fades away after some years).

24) The best way to enslave a woman is to show her love excessively, as a rule, women don't run away from where they are pampered.

25) Love is not blind; infatuation and lust are blind. Don't be carried away by lust and infatuation.

26) Love puts God first, lust doesn't and will not be able to do it.

27) Test every love with your peace of mind, if it is absent, God is not there.

28) If you are a true friend, you will attract true friends like you too.

29) Caring hearts never lack caring hands. 

30) Desperation leads to frustration.

31) Bad marriages can be avoided before they begin and that can only be done during courtship.

32)  Keep yourself pure and your bed undefiled until Marriage.

33) It is spiritual insanity to plan to convert someone so you can marry the person.

34) Wage war against the devil that fought your parents' marriage. 

35) Marriage is a covenant, always look before you leap.

36) It is better to be single and believe God to be married than to be married and believe in God to be single.

37) A broken courtship is better than a failed marriage.

38) Do not marry money or property, marry a person, that's where the love is.

39) Be committed and focused in your marriage if you want to enjoy it.

40) Don't marry who is available but marry whom God Wants for you.

Remember, the worst place after hellfire is A bad marriage. therefore, watch, think, and pray before going into it.

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