Love is one of the most powerful feelings we can experience in life, especially with someone who can't breathe without your thoughts. Make it special, make your sweetheart always think of no one else but you.

Rule his or her life with the deep love you have for him or her.
1) Baby please permit me to say that you are like oxygen to me. Life after you is unimaginable, I can not live without you my Baby, you are all I have.

2) It is clear to me that I’m so much lost in you that no one can ever find me. Please let your love for me be the light in my love world, I love you, my sweetie.
3) I want to let you know that you are the only woman in the world who can make me feel fulfilled. In your arms, I'm forever happy.

4) Whenever I remember how deeply I love you, I feel relaxed that my world is made. Please, sweetheart, rule my world with your love.
5) I want to announce to the whole world that I have found the woman who stole my heart, but sorry I'm not ready to take it back from you because I now belong to you.
6) No matter how tough my day may be, your voice is all I need to smile again, my Queen, you are irresistible.

7) I have visited some of the most attractive places in the world but the most beautiful place is found in your heart, now I see the reasons why every man wants to have you in their life.
8) I have a history written for you from the best memories you have made me experience in life, sincerely you are my happiness.

9) My world was so empty and filled with dark experiences that it all seemed meaningless to me until I met you. I can't love you enough my honor.
10) Even if the stars fail to shine and the moon refuses to light up the world in the nighttime, I know I have nothing to fear because my guardian angel looks after me, cares for me, and loves me always and that guardian angel is you.

11) I'm the luckiest woman to have someone like you as a boyfriend. I'm the happiest person each and every day, moment, and time, whenever I remember that you are a gift of God in my life. I will love you till my last breath no matter what life brings between us.

12) You touch every part of my life: My heart always thinks about you. My lips who can not forget about your kisses? My eyes who can't get tired of seeing you smile? My mouth who can't get tired of talking about your love for me and finally my legs who can't get tired of standing with you.

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