Women are wonderful creatures, they are amazing, not just to their children but to their husbands as well. Call them silver, they deserve it, even if you call them gold and diamond, they still deserve it. Their contributions to the family and the world in general, cannot be overemphasized. Their talents are overwhelming, they bring a lot of joy to the world.

'Wives' are the advisers of the family, they are the organizers, as well as the peacemakers They are the ones that brought forth your children to the world, the children you highly love and cherish. Whenever you're in a bad mood, she is the one who always changes it, and the amazing thing is that you don't even know how she manages to do that.

A lot of men might think that women are wicked and that they bring lamentations and heartbreaks to them, but I am here to change that stereotypical opinion. No matter how many bad wives there are in the world, it doesn't take away the fact that there are good wives too.

Your wife is your helper, your comforter, she is the one that always wakes you up every morning, and says to you "My heart, it is time for morning devotion". Initially, it sounds bitter to you (due to how much you needed to sleep), but when you realize what those words mean, you have no reason than to love her more. Apart from your mother, she is the only woman you call "my queen".

If your wife has these 4 qualities below, you are very lucky. You need to appreciate her.

1) She helps you out financially, even without being asked. A lot of women think that the responsibility of providing for the family is solely for their husbands, and it has greatly affected men by making the workload too much for them, especially if they are not financially stable.

Even in that midst, there are still some women who know what their husbands are going through, and so try their best to help them out financially, even when they are not asked. If she has this kind of character, you're so lucky, you need to appreciate her.

2) She doesn't take family matters outside. Unlike in the olden days when family matters were classified, most women are fond of discussing every family matter outside, without knowing the implications. That habit chatters shattersrivacy, reputation, and dignity, which might lead to disunity and family crises.

If your wife is not among those women, that carry your family matter outside, without your consent, you are lucky. It shows how mature she is, and how she values you and the progress of your family, therefore you need to appreciate her.

3) She respects your decisions, as well as proffers solutions during a family crisis. Every man wants a woman who respects his decisions. Some women are fond of challenging their husbands' decisions at any slight opportunity, without even doing it diligently. Men's decisions are wrong sometimes, but I believe those decisions should be objected to diligently and with respect. 

In terms of making valuable contributions during a family crisis, some women do perfectly well on that. They are intelligent, sound, and experienced enough to help out. If you have that kind of wife, you are very lucky.

4) She motivates you to attend church activities and also ensures that the family prays together. Most times the responsibilities and engagements of men don't allow them to attend church activities. Some usually wake up by 44 a.m. daily, quickly take their baths, dress up, and zoom off to work around 55 a.m. The chances of those kinds of men joining in family prayers depend on the way their wife disturbs them.

Men like women who always remind them to pray, they like women who encourage them to pray. If you are a man and your wife has greatly impacted your spiritual life, and she ensures that the family prays together every morning and evening, you are lucky, you need to cherish her so much. 

If your partner has these 4 qualities mentioned here, you need to appreciate her. They are rare to find, especially in these modern times, so kindly appreciate her by surprising her with a beautiful gift. When women are appreciated, they tend to put more effort into a family.

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