If it is cold, two can sleep together and stay warm, but how can you keep warm by yourself? Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone. A rope made of three cords is hard to break. Ecclesiastes 4:11‭-‬12.

Prov 26;20, on the other hand, says: "Where no wood is, the fire grows out"

For the fire of intimacy, love, affection, and emotional feelings to remain in your marriage after so many years you have exchanged Wedding vows with your spouse, you must learn to be together.

This simply means that "The more you and your spouse do all things together, the more intimacy, love, affection, and emotional feelings you will have for yourselves."

The less you do it, the more you are getting separated.

As couples who through their wedding vows on the day of their wedding have become one body, one soul, one mind, and one spirit, you have to keep creating the chance of doing things together and fight the things that seek to come in between the both of you together too. For example; things like domestic work, paying bills, your Friends, and even your Kids.

You can achieve these things perfectly by:

1) Eating together, daily. Eating together creates bonds and presents you and your spouse the opportunity to joke while eating, gisting even after eating, and do a lot over breakfast without being bored and this can continue even after lunch or dinner. Be it at home or outside.

2) Sleeping together. This doesn't mean you must make love with your spouse but the touching of each other's body and the cuddling make things awesome for you guys more than you could imagine.

As a married couple, you should avoid sleeping in separate bedrooms except when necessary and that could be occasional. 

Sleeping together increases the chances of settling issues you may have with your lover or something you would want to discuss in the cold of the night without children's disturbances, sleeping together increases intimacy and sexual activities as a couple as well.

3) Fasting and praying together. The bedrock of every good home must be spiritual and that is by involving God through fasting and prayers. It will not be good for the Man or the Woman to be the only Spiritual person in that Marriage, this can cause issues. Pray together with one spirit and bone mind, and invite God daily to be the leader, moderator, and coordinator of your marriage. Do it every day without a timetable, and you will see more love, greatness, and togetherness in your marriage.

4) Have fun together. Do not only have fun with your friends and family and colleagues in the office, but have fun with your spouse too, your social life shouldn't be improving while your marital life is suffering, even at the point of death. All those shawarma points and point and kill spots are not only meant for those who are not married, take your lover there, and enjoy yourselves.

5) Plan everything together. Do not plan alone, you should work as a team because that is who you are with your husband, everyone in a team has an opinion. Marriage is not a one-man business where you take the Leadership position and make all decisions alone, plan with your wife, hear her opinion, and let her express her view on the issues, while you think about the next decisions to take.

Think about these, and you will start enjoying your marriage.

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