The sole purpose of courtship is to prepare your mind, to know your partner more, and see if you can move on to get married to him or her.

During this time, it is expected that every secret is revealed, and all the formal lifestyle is revealed too. Before deciding to get married to that special someone in your life, you must discuss these things while in courtship.

1) WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE AFTER WEDDING? It's very compulsory! So the guy will not drag you back to his father's house or squat with a friend. Discuss the type of apartment you guys are going to stay in, is it a one-room apartment, room, and parlor, a mini flat, 2 bedroom flat, 3 bedroom, duplex, complex, etc? Talk thoroughly about it. Don't forget to discuss how the house rent will be paid. If he has built his house and you are moving in, excellent.

2) WILL YOU HAVE BABIES IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL WAIT? Discuss thoroughly. If you will wait, find out the best family planning method that will suit your body. Not all injections and pills are suitable for you. Withdrawal methods during lovemaking are not advisable for the first time on a honeymoon. First lovemaking should be done with abandon and also get used to each other's bodies. Singles who are active in bed right now are digging their marital grave. If you are already making love like crazy and taking family planning pills as a single lady, it is a big disappointment because it will affect you later. Marry with dignity. Save love-making till your wedding night.

3) HOW WILL BILLS BE PAID? Who will pay the rent, and take care of bills and groceries? Is it the man? The woman or both of you? At how much percentage it is a joint responsibility? 50/50? 80/20? 60/40? Discuss. It has to be discussed but don't leave it to one person so the burden will not be too much.

4) WILL ANY FAMILY MEMBERS LIVE WITH YOU GUYS AFTER THE WEDDING? Who and who will live with you? Why? For how long? Can you cope with having a family live with you immediately after your honeymoon? Can your type of accommodation allow such? The opposite-gender sibling shouldn't live with you after a honeymoon in a one-room apartment. It is more dangerous if it is the wife's very mature younger sister. There is a chance of infidelity here right in the house.

5) WILL YOUR WIFE WORK OR STAY AT HOME AS A FULL-TIME HOUSEWIFE?  It is not good for anyone to stay idle. Eve was idle when the serpent came to deceive her! Many local gossips and over-talkative, quarrelsome women are idle. If she can't go to work, she can do business from home and make some money for herself.

6) WHAT IS YOUR VISION? This should be the number one on the list. Very important. If she wants to be a world-renowned neurosurgeon and you want her to assist you in your full-time ministry. You are looking for serious trouble. Your vision should tally. Don't make the same mistake some great men of God made, talk it out and it will bring peace, unity, and harmony into your marriage.

7) WHAT ARE YOUR YEARLY GOALS? You should set goals every year and work towards achieving them. What are your yearly goals for the next five years? Discuss it with your lover.


9) WHICH CHURCH WILL YOU BE ATTENDING AFTER THE WEDDING? Is the guy's church, yours, or another denomination entirely? Thoroughly discuss and agree.

10) WHO ARE YOU? Empty yourself. Your family background, past mistakes, bodily defects, etc. so somebody won't die of shock in marriage when certain revelations begin to swim in, in torrents. Many never recover from the shock! Some divorce from the honeymoon and never reconnect for life!

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