Marriage is sweet especially when you examine it from a far distance of those who have successful marriages or the lovey-dove of newlywed couples, but when you enter into it, you will discover that what is behind number eight is more than number nine.

Many people prepare so well for the romantic part of marriage, especially the wedding, but very few grooms themselves for the realities they will face in marriage. Do you know that the hardest part of marriage plays a dominant role in marriage than the romantic part of marriage?

However, what breaks marriage into pieces is not the lack of romance as so many people thought, but what breaks it, is the couple's inability to withstand the hardest part of marriage which comes with romance.

There are some hard things about marriage that nobody has ever told you, but I will share 5 of them with you here now.
1) Staying faithful.
It's easy to abstain from cheating as a single person if you have not tasted how sweet it is to make love with the opposite gender, and it is very difficult to stay faithful in marriage when you are denied the sweetness of lovemaking by your spouse for no good reason.

The temptation to be Infidelity in marriage is greater than the temptation to make love with your boyfriend while you are not yet married.
The reason is that you now know how sweet and awesome it is to make love with your partner. Seduction would come from those who are willing to give you or have a fling with you. In some cases, when your spouse becomes cold on lovemaking, several others want to give you hot and sizzling lovemaking without wasting time if only you can give them go go-ahead.

You need more discipline to stay faithful in marriage to your spouse emotionally, and the love-making part of it, especially in this century where cheating has become a tradition.
If you have not been faithful to your partner especially in lovemaking now that you are single, it will be very difficult for you to master it when you get married.
Marriage doesn't cure promiscuity, but self-control does.

2) The Issues of making love to your partner.
It will be wise that you keep yourself pure till marriage, purity in thoughts, actions, and words. All those who are deceiving you that virginity doesn't help only want to dump you after enjoying your body.

One of the hardest parts about marriage which many cannot stand is the issue of lovemaking, this is because of a lack of self-control when the urge comes. One partner may be a novice while the other is a professor in lovemaking; one has a high urge while the other can stay for months without it and still feel normal as if nothing is happening.
Virginity helps you to be self-disciplined in lovemaking, it will prevent you from undue and ungodly exposure to lovemaking that could either make you hate it with perfect hatred or make you a maniac in it.

3) Money matters.

We have all heard that money answers all things, the same way money also destroys many things. As money can spice up love in marriages, money can also disfigure it. What is your perception of money and marriage?
Can you pull your resources together as one body or separately as individuals?

As a woman, do you have that belief that my money is my money, but his money is our money? What is your perception?
As a man, are you ready to work and earn a living or do you want to live on your wife's income while dictating how the money will be spent without bringing anything home for the family? What is your perception?

Can you open up to your partner about your financial life without secretly building an estate in the village while you feed on his or her money like a parasite?
Until the two of you resolve this before marriage or while in marriage, it will be hard enough to crack the nut of your marital bliss.

4) Unimaginable expectations.

If you have been dreaming of having her remain a slim woman, but eventually, after giving birth, she became a size 18, how would you cope with it?
If he had been the romantic and available man, but after marriage, the quest for green pasture took him miles away, can you survive his absence?

It will be wise and great to prepare for the toughest part of marriage so that you can cope with them when they come it will come. As much as you prepare for the sunshine, don't forget to prepare for storms when they come before rainfall.

5) Handling of differences.
Whether you agree with me or not, handling differences is one of the major causes of divorce in marriage. Many marriages have failed due to irreconcilable issues.
How do you plan to reconcile your misunderstanding when it occurs in your marriage because it will come?

If he presses the toothpaste from the middle, and she had been raised to be meticulous by pressing it neatly from the base, can you tolerate this?
She can't do without eating rice in a day but you are not the type that likes rice, can you cope with it?

He likes almost everything to be fried, fried plantains, fried eggs, fried rice, fried noodles, and fried fish. He can't eat unless it is fried. Can you cope with it?
If she likes the food cold or warm, and you prefer it hot with steaming heat, can you adjust?
These and a lot more are the toughest parts of marriage that you must brace up for. A wedding is just a day or two event which is just a ceremony for marriage, the marriage properly is a lifetime journey unless in the event of death.

More than the excitement of married life, more than the grandeur wedding ceremony, have you been transformed by the renewing of your mind to face any challenge in marriage when they come? Marriage is not rosy.

Sometimes marriage will be faced with a delay in fertility, loss of a job, relocation to an unknown destination, in-law issues which can come from either your side or from your spouse's side, and financial crisis and these include children's school fees, house rent, daily feeding of the family members, trying times or spiritual issues may come as well. You have to be prepared for anyone that life will throw at you so that you are not checked out when they come.

Marriage is tougher than it is viewed, I'm not trying to make you feel scared, it's just the truths you have not been told or you don't want to hear. Finding the right person to marry is hard, but staying married is the hardest in the face of life's realities.

As much as you are preparing for the romantic sides of marriage, brew your mind for the hardest part so you can stand Having done all when the flood descends in when the rain falls and the wind beats upon your union you should be able to conquer.

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