Showing love to your partner should not have a limit. Sending love messages to your lover is one of the signs that shows how deep he or she is in your heart.

Sending love messages to your lover is a sign that you wish him well for the new month. Any of the messages below can go a long way in putting a smile on his or her face.

1) As we have entered the seventh month of the year, I wish you unlimited seven blessings in all your life endeavors. Happy new month my love.

2) I wish to give you seven deep and unexpected kisses today, this will be a welcome note for you into the new month. Happy new month of kisses for you my love.

3) As you mark one of the special days in your life this month, my love for you will not cease to be wrapped around you. I have also commanded the Angels to sing your favorite love song, written by me. I love you, sweetheart. (That's if your lover is celebrating a birthday this month)

4) We are in the season of rain, the sunny day season has gone but my love for you will not have a season. Happy new month to you my pride.

5) Different types of birds in the sky have different songs which is best for them. Today I have written your best love song with the color of my blood, decorated with the shape of my heart, brought to you by me, for the everlasting love I have for you. Happy new month my Heartbeats.

6) Loving you has made me believe that love is true and powerful too. I want to love you now and always because your love for me is true. Happy new month to you my Prince/Princess

7) When I have given up on true love is when I found you. I never knew the meaning of L.O.V.E when I met you. I just want to let you know that you have made my love world to be complete. I can't stop loving you baby. Happy new month.

8) If I had met you in the beginning, my love life wouldn't have been cracked or broken because since I met you, you have handled my heart with honor. I will always love you my dearest. Happy new month.

9) Your love has been the wheel that's driving the vehicle of my love for you. In this new month, I wish to love you more and more. Happy new month my darling.

10) I want to fulfill my motherhood through you. I want our love to be sealed with blood by giving birth to your children. You have been my choice for the happy woman I want to be. Happy new month my Besty.

Put a smile on someone's face. Let your lover know that you care and will always show him or her love.

Happy new month to you dear reader.

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