The situations in which things are going in the world today economically, it is a sign that nobody should be dependent on salary which can only come at the end of the month.

So many people have lost their jobs especially because of this health crisis that is facing the whole world, this is after being there for many years working tirelessly for the good of the organization, and in the end, they will have nothing to boast about.

In order for you to have a different and positive outcome, you should make one of these businesses your second stream of income. With any of these businesses below, you have your time, you are totally in control, you can not be fired by anyone and you can retire when you want to or even make your business a generational business by giving your children charge of the business.

Through this article, you will have a list of different lucrative businesses you can start conveniently with minimum capital and you will make a living from it if properly managed. These businesses have lifted so many people from nobody to somebody, so you can take advantage of it too.

Starting with a small capital is not a problem but managing it for it to be a big business is the challenge most people are facing. The fact remains that a journey of thousands of miles starts with a step.

A proverb says that Rome was not built in one day. Your focus, determination, and commitment is the only key that will open the door to success for you in your business.


This is one of the most lucrative businesses you can think of, you don't need to stress about it. People buy DVDs/CDs on a daily basis for either new music albums, wrestling, or the latest movie. 

Sell all different kinds of it, you can make it digital through creating a website and a mobile App where people can easily download movies, videos and music from your website for money. Those who could not come physically can take advantage of your online presence.
For example, think about irokotv, they have monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions too, with their mobile App, they are always on business. This is a smart way to make money online and offline.

A copy of a DVD is N25 if you buy directly from filmmakers.
For example, in your offline store, you are selling a copy of DVD player N150 just like some people is selling in Alaba international market Lagos or Trade Fair in Lagos.

By selling N150 Naira to people, definitely you are making the sum of #125 on every CD you sell. Let's take for example you were able to sell a DVD player to about 40 different people, in a day, that is N125 x 40, that is a total of 5000. This simply means that you are making five thousand naira daily. Calculate it for a month, that's a huge amount of money. The more reliable you are, the more customers you will have, and the more money you will make.

Plantain chips are another special business you can think about. It is something people eat on daily basis, and the great part of it is that is a food for everyone, no matter the age and class, with this, automatically it is a lucrative business.

Going into it will create a great source of income for you. It is something everyone likes to eat. Elaborate your business with the advanced package and with the help of distributors, entice your distributors with incentives, also remember that your brand should be better than that of your competitors.

The better your brand, the more Requests you will be receiving from retailers. You can start the distribution by yourself to those that sell it in their stores, in traffic, and in malls. It is a business you can start with a capital of between twenty thousand to fifty thousand naira.

This is another lucrative business. Everyone wants something tasty and delicious too. It is a business you can start with a small capital and make reasonable money on a daily basis.

Shawarma and Barbecue are enjoyed daily. It is in high demand every day. Most times people prefer eating it while enjoying their bottle of beer. The best place for this type of business is in a club, a hotel, and a football view center.

Bargain with the management of that organization, they will give you a portion where you can do your business and make your money. It is one of the businesses you can start with 20 thousand naira.

You must not make use of a container to start, just get a long table and an umbrella and there you are good to go. To be on the safe side, search on YouTube, how to prepare BARBECUE and SHAWARMA, that is if you don't have the knowledge of how it is done. Do the practice at home before you think of the one you can sell to your potential customers.

A proverb says that water is life. And also that water doesn't have enemies. Nobody can do without water.

The business of selling bottled water and drinks is a lucrative business you can think of giving a chance, simply because these two items are consumed on a daily basis.

If you are in a densely populated area, then you need to try this business. Do it in a busy place. It could be a market or a bus terminal. 

You are only advised to get a big cooler, an umbrella, an iced block, and a small signboard which will enable you to advertise your business and your products. You can even include a recharger card and snacks to it. With this, one of the items will bring a customer for you.

SME data business is also a lucrative business you can think of going into. I'm very sure you might have come across some signboards saying buy your MTN data and some other networks at a very cheaper rate, all necessary requirements for this business are just to go online, search for companies you can register with to get data at a cheaper rate from, and then fund your wallet and start selling data, you can start this business with five thousand naira and you can get customers through your WhatsApp group and also by advertising on your WhatsApp status, your relatives and friends are of course your first customers.

The great part of this is that, you can as well do television subscription, money transfer, electricity bill payment too.

With these ideas here, I know you can make decisions on anyone of your choice and start making your money.

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