Marriage as we all know is the union between two different individuals. Is a holy union joined and consecrated by God through the parents of both the husband and the wife? 

Numerous marriages today have become forgotten records, some are on their expressway to letdown. Some are lamenting why they got married to the person they are married to. In that same Marriage world, some are incredibly happy, some marriages are heaven on earth, and some are already promising examples of marriage somebody can wish to have.

Therefore, this brings us to the topic of the point.
Before you think about marriage, think about these things.

It is the happiness of every grown-up man and woman to get married and be pleased in his or her Marriage with their partners but before you think about marriage have you thought about;

1) Financial Involvement: The financial burden of your Marriage is very important for the excellence of your Marriage and the well-being of both of you. What do you stand to offer financially as a married man or as a married woman?

As a woman, getting married to a wealthy man is amazing and enjoyable as well but when you are at a disadvantage to your man, then automatically you are failing in that part as a woman.

If the only thing you can offer your husband is lovemaking of various styles, believe me, you can't be measured because he can get it somewhere else if he wants to. Another woman in the next street can give it to him if he wants to. You should at least have one or two sources of income for supporting your man or for taking care of yourself. With these, you are relieving him of so many family loads from his shoulder.

2) Spiritual Stand. From the very first day, you made love to your spouse, spiritually you have tied yourself together as one mind, one body, and one spirit. That's why when the wife stands her grand and prays for her husband's business or job, the blessing will overtake the challenges.

And also that's why when a woman stands and lays curses on her husband's business or job, it will be paralyzed.

As a married man or woman, what do you stand to offer your partner spiritually? Are you there to uplift him or to demote him? Are you there to gather wealth with him or to scatter them? Once a woman is a blessing to her husband, it will be difficult for the man to fail in his struggle for success.

3) Friends And Family. Before you think about marriage, have you thought about your friends and family, and the lives you lived with them before you got married? Will they determine what will happen in your marriage? Will they always be there to settle every argument you may have with your lover?

The fact that you are a mummy boy or daddy's girl doesn't mean that they should help you with the affairs of your Marriage.
No matter how much you value your friends and family, they are third-party in as much as marriage is concerned so involving them whenever you argue with your lover is simply involving a third party in your Marriage.

4) Your Career. Before you think about marriage, have to think about your career. Can you quit if your husband demands that you quit, can you change from working in an office to being a businesswoman based on the order of your husband?

Can you for any reason give up on your career because of your Marriage? If you can't, please don't think about marriage for now.

Your husband can ask you to quit your job if it has in any form become a challenge to your marriage, especially taking care of the children, or due to regular late nights because of traffic or workload in the office. If you can't quit, please don't think about marriage.

5) Chef. Food is very crucial when you think about marriage. No man will like to get married to a woman who can't cook good food, even if is their native food. A proverb says that; good food is a way to a man's heart although not 100% true it will be worse when a woman can't cook good food for her husband.

Be a good cook. Let him be proud of you when his friends visit. Let him be proud to always eat your food instead of branching to the next restaurant to eat his dinner while you are at home, not that you traveled, eating in the restaurant every day can easily make him available for another woman to steal his heart away from you.

Before you think about marriage, think about cooking a portion of good food for your man and if you are not good at cooking please romantically make him understand and as well be willing to learn.

6) Hygiene. Before you think about marriage, how hygienic are you as a man or woman? Is your body obscene? (Does your body smell). Can someone stay comfortable and healthy in your apartment?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Before you think about marriage, you must be someone who keeps his or her surroundings clean. Keeping your dishes for hours before washing them should be prohibited in your life. Wearing one shirt or one pair of underwear for one week before washing it should be forbidden in your life.

If eventually, you are always busy due to the nature of your job, please form the habit of taking your clothes to the dry cleaners or better still, hire someone who can do the cleaning for you every two days.

Learn to keep your private parts clean. Shave it often and not until is bushy, wash it always to avoid fungi and bacteria building their mansion in your private part as that's going to be hazardous to your health.

7) Financial Management. Not just financial but overall management. Before you think about marriage, how is your management capacity? These include finances both for the Marriage and for yourself, do you spend extravagantly because there is money? How about when there is no money? How far can you control your anger? How much can you manage the internal conflicts of your Marriage?

There will be conflicts but it depends on how you manage it which will make the conflict die right in your room without third parties being involved. Managing the finances of your Marriage has a lot to do with your marriage's happiness and greatness.

8) The Opposite Gender. The fact remains that whether you are single or married, some individuals of the opposite gender will still be admiring you. How do you intend to handle their approach?

Giving them nasty answers can't solve it because there are men who when you say no to this type of issue, will take it for yes. I'm not saying that you should make anyone your enemy but you have to make it a priority to create a boundary between you and the opposite gender.
Don't give out your phone number for any discussion that will not involve your partner, to avoid infidelity which can easily damage your marriage.

As a man, be mindful of traps set up for you by the opposite gender, in the office, in the public vehicle, and even in the street because your wife is not the only one who knows you are handsome.

Don't dress in any way you may seduce anyone, if you want to seduce anyone please seduce your partner and no one else. Before you think about marriage, please think about overcoming the opposite gender.

Enjoy your love life.

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