Monday, August 21, 2023


So many relationships and marriage today has become history even though they started in a great way.
Their love for each other when they started was heaven on earth and everyone around them was jealous of their union.
Suddenly, the great two lovers bird became enemies and didn't want to see the face of each other anymore for any reason.

Some will go as far as concluding that someone among their friends bewitched them, meanwhile, the two people in that relationship were the ones responsible for the downfall of their happy union.

To enjoy a great marriage or relationship, there are some attributes you must not allow to be seen or rather not to be accepted in your marriage or relationship because they will send your happy union to a grave you never dream about and nobody expects that to happen especially when you hope of spending the rest of your life with the person.

Below are the attributes, the killers of marriage and relationships you must not accept in your happy union.

1) Nagging. This simply means  Causing persistent mild pain, or annoyance to someone around you for selfish reasons or In a bid to destroy the person's self-esteem. Resolving disagreements amicably Is far greater than nagging. There has never been in any great marriage or relationship where there is any disagreement but it has always been resolved even without a third party being involved in it.
Persistent nagging will lead to abuse or domestic violence. Lovely call the attention of your partner and discuss your grievances with him or her. With this, a great agreement will be reached for the good of you guys.

2) Promiscuity. Cheating is simply caused by not being content with your partner. Not being content with what you have, receive, and enjoy with your partner is dangerous, for the health of any marriage or relationship.

Promiscuity is not only when you sleep with the opposite gender. The romantic chat you had with the opposite gender which you later deleted for your partner not to see it, is equally cheating.

You bought gifts for your female or male colleague in the office and kept them as secrets from your partner, it's cheating.

You hide in the bathroom or kitchen to answer calls because of your husband or your wife, it's also cheating.
All these and others related to it are nothing but promiscuity and the results in your marriage or relationship are terrible.

3) Telling Lies. The Bible says that we should tell the truth and be free. Lies don't have a future, they may only cover you for that moment, and give it 24 hours, The truth will sprout out and you will be disgraced while your partner is greatly disappointed. Lies will destroy the trust your partner has in you and then gradually kill your happy union and that's a calamity.

4) Breaking promises. Don't make promises you can't keep. Don't accept to buy gifts you can't financially afford to buy. Don't promise to buy clothes or shoes when you fully know you can't buy them. Your first failed promise may be forgiven but if subsequently occurred, your Union will be a history of the past because nobody wants to be with a promise and failed partner.

5) Lack of Care toward each other will kill your happy union. This includes taking responsibility, paying attention to each other's needs, listening to each other, and showing concern for each other's emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual challenges. You have to be caring for your partner. So many people think that only calling their lover on the phone to ask how was your night, and what have you eaten today, is all about caring. No, caring is beyond that. Swing into action, prove your love with action. Avoiding these will kill your happy union.

6) Lack of Neatness. You should be neat and attractive all the time to your partner. You can not be dirty all the time and expect to be admired all the time. You can't be dirty and expect to be appreciated and proud of.
Lack of neatness will drive your partner away from you to the other person in the next building or street and that means your marriage or relationship, automatically is dead.

7) Absence of God's presence in your marriage or relationship. We all know that any marriage or relationship that is not built with God automatically will collapse. The lack of God present in your union will bring disaster. There will be no fair judgment in anything between you and your partner. There will be nothing like the fear of God. Going to church is not a fear of God, someone can go to church daily and still be dangerous to those around him or her. Let God be at the center of your union.

Avoiding these things listed above will bring an end to your marriage or relationship.

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