How To Be A Romantic Man To Any Woman.

Women are like flowers, the more you attend to flowers, the more they glow and look more attractive to you and others around her.

Also, women are like babies, the more attention you give your baby, the happier you make her become.

Treat any woman in your life this way and she will pour on you all the love you expect from her.

She must not ask you for any of these and that makes you romantic.

Carry your woman to the bed when she sleeps off in the sitting room, makes her feel like a baby at times. The truth is, every woman wants to be treated like a 2-year-old girl at times, that's why women act childish or silly at times.‎‎‎

You may have an argument with your wife and the next thing is that you will see her crying or putting her bags outside the house, it doesn't mean she is asking for a divorce, she is just being childish, she solely wants you to hold her, stare into her eyes and say "I am sorry for the argument"‎‎

When your wife steps on your feet deliberately or erroneously, don't let your eyes turn red like a lion that wants to devour an antelope, just smile at her, if she did it intentionally, she is just playing with you, on the off chance that she did it erroneously, it's not her shortcoming. So why shout at her over every small mistake?‎
As a man learn to ignore some things, and don't be petty.

Sing love songs for your wife in the garden or inside the room, even if she is teasing you.‎
Assist her with the house tasks, pound yam, fetch water with her, don't make her look like your maid. Is romantic to bath together as loving couples, encourage and wake her up for prayers in the morning, swim with her if it's available is part of having fun, she will feel loved, endeavor to cook together even if is not your favorite meal, teach her how to cook especially if she doesn't know how to cook your local food. Cooking is not the ticket to Paradise. It's not only a woman's responsibility.

Use blindfolds to cover her eyes and tickle her, scare her at times, call her from work or school, send her text message, write "I love you" in a small note and put it under her pillow or in her purse or in her bathroom or in her cosmetics box or inside the cupboard.

Kiss her always, cuddle her, pamper her, and play with her hair. Always tell her, she's beautiful and that you're happy to have her as your wife and the mother of your children.

All these are part of being romantic. When a woman says you are not romantic, it clearly means you are not doing all these things or you are not doing them well as she expected from you, it's not the lovemaking in the bedroom she is talking about but how intimate you used to be whenever you are with her.

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