When you see a happy couple, don't think it's easy or assume they are lucky to find each other.

There is no happy home anywhere unless you create one if you see any be sure they were made. Being a good person or being religious doesn't make a happy marriage or relationship neither do riches and wealth do it? Marrying the most beautiful woman or the most handsome man doesn't guarantee happiness in marriage either. Many believers even think marrying another good believer is a sure way to having a happy home but many have been disappointed despite marrying a fellow believer, even the same denomination.

What then makes up a happy marriage or relationship? A happy union is a function of mutual fulfillment derived from a mutual selfless commitment to the marital union. Having a happy marriage or relationship can only be achieved by deliberate efforts and determination of both parties. No matter how much a partner desires a happy union, it can only happen if the other partner wants and agrees to build a happy marriage or relationship with the other person.

To achieve a happy home, therefore both parties must first offer themselves as a living sacrifice on the altar of their marriage. They must deny themselves and be willing to accept their cross.

In a happy home, ego, and selfishness are buried in the grave of marital bliss. Partners in a happy home don't think too much about themselves but the happiness of their spouse.

The journey to a happy home can be initiated by the man or the woman, both of them liable and responsible for it. This journey starts with contentment and diligence. Then it continues in daily forgiveness, attention to each other, commitment, and mutual tolerance.

No couple is happy when they continue to look at each other's weaknesses or offenses on a daily basis. They can only be happy if they choose to accept each other's shortcomings and offenses and take their pains and hurts to the Almighty God, instead of romance with them. Happy couples don't win arguments, rather, they communicate to achieve a better union.

Don't hide things from your spouse as it brings about dishonesty. Some spouse is fond of hiding things from their partners such as phone passwords, money, etc. Let your relationship be on trust.

Happy couples don't compare their marriage with others, they are happy and contented with what they have and strive to always be a good example to others.

Happy homes are not meant for selfish and inconsiderate partners. Happiness is a choice but the price is not cheap. Only the humble and the kindhearted can buy it.

The manual for a happy home is not designed by society or social media. They are designed by the couple who want it and how they want it to be. The ideal home must not follow the acceptable trends in society but rather work and practice what makes the parties happy.

You can initiate the journey to a happy home today no matter how far you have traveled in the path of bitterness and unforgiveness. An unhappy home is a junior sibling to hellfire. A happy home is a reflection of heavenly bliss. The choice is yours today.
Give peace a chance in your marriage today.

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