21 Ways To Build A Strong and Supportive Partnership: Key Aspects in a Relationship..

With these tips mentioned below, any man will seriously be in love with you. You will be at the center of his thoughts daily. Looking at his lips, your name is written on it. Looking at his eyes, you will see a romantic picture of you.

1) Don't be a nagging woman. Too many complaints about abusive words and misunderstanding will plop him away from you. It is one way of telling him that the other lady in the street is better than him.

2) Romantic SMS messages in the morning asking him about his sleep last night, in the afternoon asking him about his workflow, and how he is affected by the weather.

3) Buy him gifts. Surprisingly buy gifts for him. Buy something in need but due to finances or schedules, he couldn't buy it. For example, shoes, boxers, gadgets, and clothes with his favorite color.

4) Communication. Be the first to call every morning, be the last person to call him before going to bed. With this, he is convinced that you truly love him.

5) Be Caring. You should care for his needs, his challenges at the office, at home, and his schedule for the weekend. It will make him believe that you are not self-centered.

6) Give him a surprise visit with his favorite fruits or his favorite snacks from the store and if you can prepare it, prepare it specially and deliciously. He will wish you are with him always.

7) Don't Investigate his phone if he is having love to chat with another lady or not. Make him believe that he is free and emotionally secure with you.

8) Be Elegant Always. Elegance will drive him crazy about you. It shows you are mentally and physically mature. Elegance will bring out your fascinating nature thereby giving you the avenue to win his heart more.

9) Be A Good Cook. A delicious meal is one way you can win a man's heart to the extent that if food is not prepared by you at home, he will not feel hungry. Cook his favorite meal, cook it just the way he wants it.

10) Assist him with laundry. All his clothes don't go to the laundry. Be there for him at least on the weekend if your schedule will not permit you to visit him on weekdays. Help him to wash underwear, and take care of the kitchen, and the house entirely as your strength can carry you.

11) Be supportive. There are many ways you can support him, for example; Support him financially, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. Pray for him, and give your opinions when needed.

12) Be proud Of Him In The Public. Be proud of your partner in public, in the midst of friends and family. Defend him, stand up for him. Make him feel special and unique by you.

13) Respect him. One trick you can use to win any man's heart is respect. Don't raise your voice on him, don't make an argument with him when he says his mind on a particular issue or situation.

Note: You can romantically have arguments with your man which may end up with a kiss or playing around the room, other than that, give him the respect.

14) Respect his family and friends. You are part of his life while he is also part of his family and friends' life. Telling him who to visit and who not to visit will automatically disqualify you from him.

15) Be Real. Don't pretend for him but be mature. Don't present him with nasty characters about yourself. Be open-minded too. Don't make him think you don't have a brain.

16) Don't Be A Liability. Men detest a liability, women. Someone who can not afford anything on her own without the man. Let him be the one to advise you. " Horny, don't worry let me buy it for you, or let me give you the money". It is better for you to wholly depend on him.

17) Trust. Make him trust you with his belongings. His properties and money should not be a problem when given to you. Make him believe that whatever secrets he discussed with you are still a secret.

18) Be Submissive, God-fearing, Social, And Outspoken. Your submissions send a great signal to him. Your relationship with God will draw him closer to you but don't force him to attend church with you. Always be presentable whether you are going out with him or not. Don't be shy in everything, it is not maturity.

19) Don't discuss his weaknesses with anyone, no matter how close the person might be with you. Discussing his weakness is a forfeiture of respect for him which will hurt him against you.

20) Place him above your career. This doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't go to work, rather make him a top priority. Create time to always be with him. There should not be a timetable for spending time with him.

21) Give Him Attention. We all love to be given notoriety. Don't invent the space for another woman to be seen around him. He attends to him when he calls you. Alleviate his needs in the bed, in the kitchen, and in the populace.

Add yours, you might help someone out there.

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