We are all clamoring for a happy marriage or relationship. We also always want to be like those that are already enjoying there's but then we forget that there are things we should not allow so we can enjoy our union.

Going down, It will be crucial that you should not do any of these things in your marriage or relationship.

1) Don't marry or be in a relationship with a nagging partner, the end is always disastrous.

2) Don't marry or be in a relationship with an abusive partner. So many have gone to the grave through this means.

3) Someone who doesn't care about your emotional feelings will not care for your physical feelings.

4) Don't marry or be in a relationship with someone who can not be a friend to you. Imagine coming back from work and you be having heartache because of the troubles you could meet at home.

5) Anyone can destroy a relationship. Destruction comes very easily. Try dropping an egg and see how easily it breaks. That is how fragile relationships are. Treat your relationship with care, mindfully knowing that it's fragile.

6) Anything good worth having will demand time and effort. If it comes too easy, it may just leave the same way.

7) For a relationship to be successful, you must be willing to make it work. Don't take your marriage or relationship for granted.

8) Forget the fiction you watch on television, things don’t work themselves out unless you do. There’s no ‘living happily ever after’ unless you make it happen.

9) Love is a great feeling. However, keeping a relationship successful demands more than your feelings. It takes work.

10) Your emotions can easily lead you astray if you don’t know what you really want. In a moment of monumental absurdity, you can allow your emotions to destroy what took you years to obtain but then it will be regretted. Don’t allow it.

11) Don't test your partner in a bid to see how deeply he or she loves you because you will end up losing him or her.

12) It takes wisdom to build a relationship or anything else. If you don’t have the necessary wisdom to make it work, search for it.

13) Don't allow anger to control you, nor should you allow negative thoughts to override your mind. Before you explode in anger, consider the fact that you are about to throw your whole future away in a few minutes. You don’t have to say every unpleasant thing that pops into your mind. Learn to be patient. Learn to be forgiving, learn to overlook some things.

14) Pride goes before a fall. Learn to always be humble and forgiving. You are not perfect yourself. Help and support your partner to be the best they can be.

15) Don't put yourself more important than your marriage or relationship.

16) Don't take your partner's opinion for granted even if it is for a personal reason.

17) Don't promise your partner what will not fulfilled, it will destroy your union.

18) Don't accept a relationship for a condition.

19) Don't accept being in a relationship with someone who can not add value to your life because you will be less important to him or her.

20) Don't be in a marriage or relationship with someone who is still in communicating with his or her ex-lover.

21) Someone who can't profess love to you in public places doesn't love you.

22) Don't continue with someone who always threatens you with a breakup or divorce because you are not accepted by him.

Which of these do you disagree with?

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