10 Things You Need To Avoid In Your Relationship If You Want To Be Happy..

So many relationships and more are in trouble today because there are things the parties neglected to take off in the relationship.

If you want a happy relationship, you must avoid the following;

1) Pride. Making your partner less important in a relationship is one of the major characteristics that will destroy your relationship.

2) Lack of Intimacy.  Intimacy unites two hearts that want to be together. The absence of it will make your love for each other to be a thing of the past.

3) Lack of understanding and communication. Any union that lacks communication is bound to be shattered. Let communication be found at the center of your relationship.

4) Promiscuity. Avoid being promiscuous to your partner. Promiscuity destroys trust and commitment in a relationship.

5) Lies and secrecy.  These on so many occasions give birth to break up in relationships. Being disingenuous to your partner will generate problems which will lead to sundering.

6) Jealous and Lack of trust. Learn to trust your partner, without trust, there is no need to be together. It is normal to be desirous but it must be moderated for it not to negatively affect your relationship.

7) Anger. Learn to always control your anger, you are free to express your feelings but you must practice your manner of approach. Your anger shouldn't control your words, your actions, and your relationship with your partner.
8) Disrespecting your partner. The respect they said is reciprocal. Don't expect respect from someone you have not respected. Respect your partner's opinion, personality, hobbies, family, and friends as well. Respect gives birth to peace, joy, happiness, unity, and oneness in a relationship, don't disregard it.

9) Lack of attention and admiration for your partner. Without giving your partner attention and administration your relationship will become history. It is also one of the ways you could create a vacuum in the heart of your partner which will hurt your relationship.

9) Allowing your friends to determine what will happen in your relationship. Your friends or family should not detect what will happen in your relationship, you are old enough to decide what you want. Allowing them to decide for you destroys your relationship but remember you must not disclose anything that is going on in your relationship to someone else, that's the only way they would not decide for you.

10) Avoid being selfish in everything you are doing with your partner. Don't be self-centered. Be open, be active in the relationship, and think about the greatness of the relationship even if you are not going to marry each other. Selfish thoughts always backfire.

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