Know your Geno-type and other Medical records.
I know most of us have heard about this a lot while some haven't. Well, I just want to make you understand how important this can be if you truly want to enjoy a peaceful marriage.
A marriage where you have to spend a lot of money on medicine or spend a good number of your days rushing from one hospital to another is not a peaceful marriage.
I will not bore you with the long list of different genotypes and blood groups, some medical practitioners will do that for you when you are ready. I will just use the most basic ones to teach you in this lesson.

Generally, there are 3 major Genotypes, researchers say there are others but let's focus on these 3 for now.
The AA, AS, and SS.
From my little education on this, AAs can marry any of the other Genotypes and still have healthy children, but AS and SA can't in most cases.
It is risky for an AS person to marry an AS or SS. So is SS and SS a suicide mission waiting to happen?

Here is my lesson.
It is very important to know your Genotype, very important, and it is more important to know your intending partner's Genotype.
This means that you need to know this information right from the moment you want to ask them out or accept their proposal.
Do you see why I encourage friendship first before a relationship? This is because it's easy to randomly ask your friend what their Genotype is even before feelings start growing.

When you know you are AS and your friend is also AS, at that point, it helps you to know there is no point in asking them out in the first place to avoid certain issues in your home. Yeah, it's possible to marry AS as an AS but you don't want to take that risk when you know it could result in having a kid that could be SS. It's not fun bringing a child into this life to suffer.

One of the most painful heartbreaks I have seen over time is the heartbreak that occurred between two faithful lovers who because of their Genotype were told they could not marry each other. Trust me you don't want to end up that way.
So it's very important to find out this information before you get into any relationship.
Some of you currently in a relationship don't even know your Genotype or that of your partner yet you are busy doing a relationship.

Please, I have one task for you today, call your partner right now and ask them about their Genotype, if they don't know, first thing Monday morning go to the hospital and find out.
Don't wait until it's too late, don't wait until emotions start clouding your judgment about doing the right thing. Find out today and save yourself from stress and heartbreak.
This is simple but very very important.
The best thing as a single is to find out before you say yes.

You might not know the pain that comes with having an SS kid, trust me it's not funny at all and you don't want to bring a kid into this world to suffer. So do the right thing

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