As a Husband, there are ways you can flirt with your wife which will automatically increase the love she has for you in the Marriage.

Here are the secrets you should know.

1) Be romantic. That comes easier for some of us than others. This simply means caring for her emotional, physical, and mental feelings as much as you care for yours.
At least once a month give her breakfast in bed unexpectedly with her favorite meal. Buy her surprise gifts, join her in the kitchen to cook even when she didn't ask for it. It could be frying plantain cooking stew, slicing onions, or blending food items.
It must not be done daily but doing it at least once a month will play a big role in your Marriage or Relationship and the love she has for you.

2) Attractiveness. Another way a man can flirt with his wife is by being attractive to her. Be neat at all times. While going out in the morning to the office, give her the chance to button up your shirt and applaud you.
At night in the bedroom, wear a nightgown that reveals your body. It pleases women to see it dangling between the legs of her man.
While sleeping, cuddle her, and let her feel the warmness of your body. Women enjoy it so much, especially with someone they love.

3) Good morning kiss and test messages. Give her an unexpected and unannounced kiss in the morning. I usually do mine while she is still in bed, my deep kiss wakes her up for me in the morning.
Once you are about to start your day in the office, give her a call to appreciate her love for you, If calling her is not possible due to tight schedules, give her a quick message either on WhatsApp or Facebook still appreciating her love and how you are already missing her. 99% of women are moved by this attention which makes them love their man more.

4) Be a leader and a prayerful man. As you make efforts to please her, keep your relationship with God intact as well. Pray for her while praying together during morning Prayer or Night Prayers. Protect her spiritually, you can do your part and God will handle the rest for you. It will give her more confidence to trust her feelings for you.

5) Compliment your wife. Make her feel special, tell her how beautiful she is and how happy you are to have her in your life as a wife and the mother of your kids.

6) Increase your physical touch with her. No matter how much you are occupied with the load of work in your office, always create time to be with her once you are at home. Give her more attention than you give your mobile phone whenever you are at home together. One of the greatest things a woman wants from her man is attention.

Play with her body, you know the sensitive areas in her body, play with them. Play with her hair, no matter the style of hair she's carrying, appreciate it for her while playing with it. Message her body, her waist, her back as well as you make her lay down in the bed for you. Remind her how good she is in the bedroom during intimacy, and share your intimate experience. Women love to hear these things from their men.

7) Pet names. Adopt the lifestyle of calling her sweet pet names such as My Angel, My Diamond, or any other one you are pleased with but very unique. It will make her to be proud of you and as well be happy for loving her.

8) Always tell her "I love you"
There should be no timetable on how or when you should tell her "I love you".
She deserves it from you as her man. On the phone, at the end of the phone call, remind her you love her, when leaving the house in the morning for work, kiss her and tell her you love her. At the end of your romantic messages to her, remind her you love her.

9) Vacation. At least once in a while, go on a vacation with her to happening places you know and can comfortably financially afford. Give her the treat, it creates a daily new beginning of love in your Marriage Relationship.

10) Be a good listener. Always listen to her whenever she is speaking out her opinion. Give her the chance to voice out her mind even if she didn't request it, make her request for it. Women love it, it will make them believe that you value and respect them in your life and she is important to you.

11) Be a gentleman. Be a gentleman for her both in the bedroom and the bathroom. In the bedroom, play with her private body while in the bathroom, bathe with her as you admire those private areas. In the sitting room, tell her love stories, you can romantically use how you guys started to tell her the story. While the story is on, look her straight in the eyes and tell her how beautiful she is, how glowing she is, how great and how soft her lips are and these are the reasons why she can be found in your Heart in every minute of the day.

Flirting with your wife is the best way to keep your Marriage or Relationship alive. It rekindles the love she has for you and you will always enjoy her.

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