Most folks, especially Nigerian men, do feel they are doing women favor when they marry them as single mothers, but it's a paradox and a social myth that must be educated. 

In my research as a counselor, I have discovered that 90% of single mothers are BEST wives in the marriage market when we go to buy it.
Firstly, why do women become single mothers?
Some are DELIBERATE; some are TRAGEDIES (widows) while some are MISTAKES. So if you happen to like a single mother, investigate her motive before you configure the drivers of your feelings. If it's deliberate because she doesn't want to marry a man, you can just date her and walk away, but if it was a MISTAKE OF TRAGEDY, trust me she can be the best WIFE you can ever think of.

1) Single mothers that made mistakes do bring total SUBMISSION to the table of marriage once they know that the man is honest and sincere because they will see marriage as a classroom where they must correct the mistakes the made in the past.

2) If you want to WIN her, love her child first, and you will see that she will LOVE you with her last breath and blood.
3) Don't forget that as a woman that has put to BED before, there's 85% assurance that she will conceive without toiling from one prayer house to the other to conceive; the baby is evidence of her fruitfulness.

4) Single Mums treat their husbands as LORDS for the sacrifices they make and easily forgive them no matter the gravity of what they err.
5) If you marry her, do not discriminate the child in your children's budget; see them as equals so you don't sprout the seed of jealousy.

6) If she is a single mum as a widow you may not have problem but if the child's father is alive, both of you should have an agreement from the beginning of welfare and information management. Don't deny the father access to his child but put a password before he can have access to your wife; it implies the gateway should be defined while you monitor the parameters; trust me, the child will grow up to love you as the man that made his/her mother happy more than the biological father.

7) Ensure the child is in the same school with your kids, if not that child's educational setbacks will influence your kids negatively when they play together. If the father supports good, but if he does not be ready to train the child alongside your kids for uniformity of knowledge.

8) If the child is a female child/children, you will have less parenting to do because female children easily relieve parents once they are adults or even get married.
9) 90% of SINGLE MOTHERS are faithful in marriage and wouldn't pull infidelity string to damage the engine of TRUST in the marriage system; they feel you have sacrificed enough to win their trust and faithfulness.
10) Single Mums are SUPERWOMEN. For a woman to play the role of both parents and bear the responsibility of raising a child/children, don't joke with such a woman, because even if you die in future she can take care of your family.

11) Single Mums are INTIMACY SATISFIERS. They will lock you down in bed for good intimacy so you don't look outside to avoid stories that will touch the heart.
12) Most Single Mothers are good cooks and God-fearing; the fact that she did not abort the child justifies her SACREDNESS AND GOD'S FEAR.

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