Love is one thing that when tasted its true form, you can't wish to be in a  relationship without being deep in love.

Below are the 15 Signs that show she loves you and wants you in her life.

1) When your girlfriend doesn’t hesitate to say yes to you whenever you ask her to hang out with you, is a sign that she wants to always spend quality time with you not minding whenever and wherever it is, provided it has nothing to do against the happiness of your relationship with her.

2) When she doesn't have shame in telling Her Friends about You. It doesn't necessarily mean introducing you to them but once she finds it as a happy moment in talking about you with her friends, then she loves you and she can protect you from her friends.

3) When she does specific things Whenever you are with her in the midst of your friends just to make sure you are happy. A girl that always wants your happiness in your relationship with her, is really in love with you and she's also a selfless woman.

4) When She Initiates physical touch whenever you are in public.
If she is not ashamed of crossing her hands on your shoulder, she doesn't mind kissing you, even in a crowd. It is a sign that you are truly after her heart.

5) When Conversations between the two of you seem effortless.
When there is love, there will always be a romantic topic she will want to discuss with you, she will always have a romantic story to tell you, and she will always have a romantic moment to share with you.

6) When she has openly told you some personal things about her life.
She doesn't keep secrets from you, even the things her Best friend doesn't know about her, she has already discussed them with you. Some of the things she does not discuss with her parents, she already opened up with you. It shows how deeply she loves you. Love brings trust and that's why she trusts her secret with you.

7) When she mentioned an event in the future she wants to attend with you.
It could be Singles and Married Seminar, Singles, and Married Dinner, and many more because she's in love with you and has already believed she has a future with you.

8) When she wants you to meet her parents or guidance. For your girl to be proud of you, and morally encourage herself to bring you to the visibility notice of her parents or guidance, is a sign that she loves you.

9) When she is fully present in her mind and body whenever she is with you. One of the proofs that she loves you is when she concentrates on your discussion with her whenever you guys are together, not minding what you guys are discussing which could be normal gisting or a joke, even if nothing is interesting in it, she will concentrate on it.

10) When she wants to hang out one-on-one with you.
Does she always want to be around you? Always want to hang out with you alone in a cool place, looking into your eyes, smiling, and telling you how handsome you are?
Telling you more reasons why you are special to her and why you are after her heart.
It shows she loves you, that's why she always creates time to be together with you.

11) When she initiates romantic messages between you guys, mostly good morning love messages and good night love messages, expressing her deep feeling for you, appreciating the day she met you, thanking God for bringing you into her life, and how happy she is for being in love with you.

12) when she posts pictures on social media showing that the two of you have been hanging out for a while. It is one of the ways of telling other guys to back out, that she has found her treasure and you are the one.
13) When she posts her picture on your Facebook wall or tags you in a post she thinks you will like. By tagging you on her post, is to express herself either for you or for the love she has for you or for how happy she is because of how much she loves you and then expect to see your romantic comment either to appreciate her or praise her, and that's a signal to other girls around to back off with their interest in you and as well telling other guys that she is yours.

14) When you talk on the phone, she will not mind extending the call because she is happy and comfortable hearing your voice and then wished the call can continue.

15) When she always wishes to have deeper and longer eye contact with you.
Looking into your eyes, she loves seeing a picture of herself in your eyes. Looking into your eyes, in her mind, she will smile and say to herself, that you are a loving and caring man.
A girl that doesn't love you can't appreciate how romantic you are to her, so because she loves you, she always appreciates your love and cares for her.


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