Marriage is a human event that cuts across cultures, traditions, and boundaries. It's a signal to the Maturity of the person who engages in it, it automatically changes the status of that individual.

However, it is expected to be a free human act, and an actualization of the hope of beginning a new family with someone loving, caring, and trustworthy enough to be called a husband or wife.

In light of the above, Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured nor managed. When a man goes into Marriage, it is to find fulfillment and be able and happy to say like Adam, "This at last, is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh". A statement of completeness, acceptance, joy, and wholeness. Perhaps, the same can be said and should be said of Eve too, meaning that her joy would have been complete at the sight of Adam.

As time goes on, couples in marriage should always remember and understand that they owe a duty to each other. Good Marriage doesn't happen overnight, it's a collaborative effort of two souls that have decided to make their marriage work.

It will interest us to know that every married couple should always work in their Marriage by;
1) Never stop being friends with each other for whatever reason.
Friendship adds more value to your Marriage and also creates room for openness regarding the fact that true friends don't keep secrets from each other.

2) Remember to share laughter. There should be no timetable for joking and playing together as a family.

3) Take care of yourself. Be neat always, and be attractive to your spouse both at home and in public.
It will make your spouse believe that you care about the union.

4) Use your tongue wisely. Don't verbally hurt your spouse, no matter the level of what he or she has committed against you also choose to pray for your spouse and bless him or her life with Prayers and prophecy, as he or excels in life, you will also Excel.

5) Never try to change him or her, be the first change you want to experience in your Marriage. Be the first to do the right thing that makes your partner happy.

6) Always pray together and also go to church together.
Families that pray together truly stay together and also progress together too.

7) Appreciate each other's efforts. No matter how small, what your spouse did is, appreciated.
Appreciation gives the energy to do more, simply put, the appreciation will make your spouse do more than he or she did previously.

8) Share thoughts. Discuss family and personal matters together, and seek each other's opinion, it matters.

9) Be a good listener. Always Listen to your spouse.
10) Understand your spouse, always make efforts to understand each other's points of view in every discussion.

11) Avoid unnecessary arguments, it creates anger and anger leads to domestic violence which has led to divorce in Marriages.

12) Visit your families together. Is not necessarily that you must be there together, once agreed with your spouse to visit your family, then you are together.

The duties of the couples in every Marriage Relationship are what keeps them in love with each other.
Let your duties always keep the flame of love in your Marriage Relationship burning.

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