The level of breaks in Relationships currently has thrown so many people into question, it has as well made so many women unwillingly join the League of Single Mothers.
Some women have already concluded that all men are the same mean while she's responsible for the several breaks up in the relationships she has been in.

As a beautiful and charming lady, it will interest you to know that beauty doesn't keep a man in a woman's life, beauty only attracts men to a woman.

If you find yourself in any of these attributes, chances are, your man will not marry you, although, men are different when it comes to choosing the lady they want to spend their entire life with these attributes have a big role to play in your relationship.

1) When a lady is unemployed and she is not making any effort for her to be engaged in any hand work or business, her man sees her as a liability for him, regarding the fact that the whole financial well-being of the lady is on his shoulder.
This runs a man down and the lady will not be valued since she doesn't have anything to offer in the relationship.

2) When a lady allows her man to be 70% responsible for the financial well-being of her family, this includes her siblings, her cousin, and her parents.
Automatically you are making him believe that without him your family can't exist and also that you accepted him because of his money.

3) When a lady spends extravagantly, with no self-control over her spending, this has negatively affected Relationships, he may not say a word about it, just to know if it's intentional or is your lifestyle.
He may be financially stable but no man wants his hard-earned money not to be carefully used.

4) No man wants to marry a nagging woman.
Nagging leads to quarrel and quarrel leads to domestic violence.
When a woman nags, she is pushing her man to start having an interest in any lady who will give him attention.

5) Every man wants to be loved, just like every woman wants.
Buy gifts for your man, at least once a month, surprise him with things he likes, use your money to buy foodstuff, and cook for him surprisingly too. 95% of men show more love to the woman who gives them gifts, especially by surprise.
He will not value you in his life if the only thing he can gain from you is your body which he gets from any other woman.

6) When a lady doesn't know how to cook and doesn't want to learn.
Good food is a gateway to a man's heart.
Once he starts eating outside, then the woman that's giving him the good food captures him.

7) When a woman starts yelling at her man, is a sign of disrespect, he will take it that such a woman is not trained at home, and he will conclude that such a woman can't be a good wife to him, either a good mother to their children.
No man wants to be disrespected by anyone not even the woman he calls his girlfriend or a wife-to-be.

8) When a man is under pressure, (Blood pressure and or requests to do so many different things, either at a time or not but once the request is unbearable, that's pressure) because of the Woman in his life, research has it that such union easily cracks down.
This is based on the fact that the man will start deviating himself from the woman which will make him give attention to another woman outside their union since his woman doesn't give him peace of mind.

9) When a woman has a promiscuous lifestyle.
She keeps male friends, exchanging romantic messages with them, and doesn't care about the emotional trauma she's giving her man.
Is not bad to keep male friends neither is it bad to keep female friends but there is a need to have boundaries between you and your friends for the sake of your relationship.

10) When a woman doesn't keep herself clean.
This is more than wearing makeup.
Keeping her home, kitchen, clothes, and body clean is one of the ways to win a man's heart.
When a woman has a body odor, a mouth odor, or her private parts have an odor and she doesn't care about resolving it, she's automatically giving her man a red card for existence.
Cleanliness they said is next to godliness.

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