The 9 Best Things To Do After Break Up Or Divorce.

So many things can cause a break-up in a Relationship or divorce in Marriage.
For some individuals, it could be that he or she is no longer been satisfied when it comes to intimacy or because of infidelity on the part of their partner.

For some individuals especially the ladies, it could be because they are not being taken good care of or she is not receiving the attention they deserve from their man then they decide to give up on the Marriage or break up with their boyfriend most especially when she has met another lover.

Whatever that causes the breakup or the divorce, these tips will help you deal with the emotional trauma you may be facing thereafter.

1) Stay away from any of the pictures you guys took together when the relationship was going well.
2) Delete all the romantic messages you exchanged with him or her.
Deleting them will help you to move on with your life, it will save you from the insecurity of "all men are the same or all women are the same".
The fact that you guys broke up or you filed for a divorce doesn't mean you will not fall in love again or that someone else will not love you.
Someone out there is looking for an opportunity to make you understand how special you are.

3) Avoid him or her on every social media you are connected with by unfriending him.
For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
This will help you not to see anything the person posted against you in their status updates or timeline.
If you are now being valued let him ask for an Apology, is better that way and it shows maturity too.

4) Stay away from his friends if you are not dating any of them before you break up with your guy.
His friends will make you not too easily forget the past and the love you guys shared together, the beautiful places you have gone together with them in the past.
His friends will also beg you to come back which is a personal decision if you have decided to move on, you should stand on your decision and move on but that doesn't mean that if he comes back to apologize you shouldn't give him a second chance.

5) Start going out for road work.
Going out for the early morning exercise will make it easier for you to meet new friends, be play your favorite gospel music through the earphones too.
It doesn't necessarily mean you must make friends immediately but it is really worth it.
Don't stay alone for any reason, don't avoid your family members, don't avoid eating your food, as a matter of fact, try to cook your favorite food and eat it because of someone that broke up with you without about the harm he or she has caused you.

6) Read your favorite books.
It must not necessarily be a novel but don't read any love novel soon to avoid reminding you of the memories you shared with your partner before breaking up.
Read books that can give you interesting life stories or the ones that can teach you how to make money or how to cook.

7) Don't visit the Relationship Dating site soon.
Don't fall in love with anyone else immediately.
Give yourself some time to avoid the ugly memories of your past relationship affecting you and stopping you from enjoying your current Relationship.

8) If you work in the same office with him or her make your possible best to look for another organization to work with.
Seeing him or her every day will make the ugly memories of the cause of the breakup or divorce not too easily forgotten.

9) Forgive your partner. No matter what your partner did that caused the break up in the Relationship or that made you seek divorce you have to forgive.
You will gain a lot from forgiving your partner which includes;
You will emotionally be relieved of the pains that would have stolen your happiness.
Forgiving your partner will make you focus which will bring you together with people that will add value to your life.

With these, you are moving to a higher level of your life.
Make New friends as soon as you can just to avoid the ugly past from hunting you.

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