5 Signs Your Spouse Is Promiscuous.

Promiscuity is not until you catch your partner right in the act with the opposite gender, some attributes can confirm that your significant other is promiscuous.

1) When your significant other suddenly started using password on their device, then you are wondering what could be the reason for the sudden change of attitude, even when you were encouraged to ask, no good reason was given or you were even ignored.
It is one of the signs that your significant other, emotionally has been attached to someone else.

2) When your significant other suddenly starts being shy when dressing up in the same room you guys are together, it is a sign that someone else has started enjoying what was originally for you alone.

3) You have being in the relationship for over a years and some months and the it has being  going well with everyone of you, suddenly he or she starts nagging, doesn't appreciate you as he or she used to, and no more romantic messages, at this time you are already feeling gaps in the union, you realize there's now a vacuum in your heart which he has been in, from the first day you fell in love with each other, is simply because he or she is now diverting the attention that's meant for you to someone else and that's promiscuity.

4) You remember when you guys newly met, you always walked down the street like twins and so many people were wishing to be in a relationship like yours?
A day came, when he didn't want to be going out with you anymore, didn't buy gifts, as usual, didn't have time to play with you as usual, and gave you "I'm tired" excuses.
This is one of the attributes of promiscuity in marriage and relationships.

5) When your significant other suddenly started hiding his or her ATM card from you,  no privilege of doing things together financially again as it was before.
This shows there is dismay in the trust he or she has for you and lack of trust leads to promiscuity because no one will ever be in the same room with someone he or she doesn't trust.

Most times, you will not immediately be noticeable because your significant other who's promiscuous will keep on hiding it until you are convinced that he or she is promiscuous.

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