To be jealous is natural but how we handle it individually is what matters. Being jealous is just like being concerned about what or who you dearly take to be yours.

In dealing with jealousy, you should be open-minded at every point in time, and in everything, you are doing with your partner. I will take myself, for instance, we know the password to our phones, we make use of each other's phones whenever and however, we don't hide calls for each other and these have greatly played a great role in the Fidelity of our Marriage Relationship.

When you are open-minded, your partner will not negatively be jealous which will affect your Marriage Relationship.
To positively be jealous is when you wish to be in your partner's position because you like what you saw, to negatively be jealous is when you think that your partner is having an affair with someone else. They are relatively different.

Be concerned with what makes him jealous, and always make efforts to avoid doing such a thing.
Be transparent and always make sure that he is mainly relaxed.
Make your device accessible by not putting in a password.
Avoid seeking and hiding when answering phone calls, all this will make him confident that you are not having an affair with someone else.

Give him maximum attention to phone calls, text messages chat through his favorite social media handle.
Playing together with him in your leisure time will make him relaxed instead of being jealous that you could be having an affair with someone else.
Professors love each other as well, it brings the hearts closer to each other.

With these tips, you have won his heart.

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