Address for school, 
My Dearest [Girlfriend's Name].

As I plunk down to think of you in this letter, my heart spills over with adoration and appreciation for having you in my life. I want to say how much you mean to me that we have spent these school years together in such a magical way.

Each second with you resembles a valuable diamond, sparkling splendidly in the embroidery of my life. From the main day we met in school, I realized something stood out about you. Your grin, your chuckling, and the manner in which you light up a room have consistently dazzled me.

I value the manner in which we've developed together, gaining from our course books as well as from one another. Your insight and commitment to your examinations have consistently roused me to be a superior understudy, however, your consideration and empathy really make you stand out.

[Sweetheart's Name], you are not only my better half; you are my comrade, my sidekick, and my most prominent ally. Your consolation and resolute confidence in me has been my main impetus, moving me towards progress in school and throughout everyday life.

Amidst tests, tasks, and the mayhem of school life, you've been my safe haven. When things got tough, your love was my anchor, keeping me grounded. I embrace a new lease on life on the planet to have you close by.

[Sweetheart's Name], I believe the world should know the amount you mean to me and how staggering our adoration is. You are not only my adoration; you are my dream, my motivation, and my for eternity. I can hardly stand by to see where life takes us past these school walls, however, one thing is sure - my affection for you will just develop further with time.

Everlastingly yours,
[Your Name]

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